Barsee Macopala Kiloda Controversial track Picture on the wall Leaked few days ago and they have been diverse reactions to this song that served as an open letter to the President of our Nation George Manneh Weah and also Legendary Radio Host Henry Costa. When you listen to Barsee’s Brilliant lyrics then someone tells you that when this rapper was in high school in Lofa he was in the quizzing team and was one of the most respected students for the weight of his intelligence, that would shock you and with no delay you would understand why he didn’t feel uncomfortable to address this Great Men with words that could make the pages of history books. This is Barsee Macopala Kiloda first Public project under his New Label Amplified Ent. owned by Media Mogul Victor George but what seems unknown to us is that Victor is sharing his New Rapper with another Label called George Music. What’s George Music all about and who co owns it with victor? George Music spells itself out without giving our head hard time to think too much about where it came from? I saw this coming but not in this form though, i was thinking Liberian King George and his artist Bucky Raw would eventually be flesh and blood of Amplified since at one time you couldn’t tell if Bucky Raw was still a part of CSE because Victor and his younger brother Liberia King George formed a two man army that took care of everything that concerned his career and that of Stunna. This Army was so strong that it could employ the services of one of Africa’s dopest rappers Ice prince on an International collaboration with Bucky Raw and Stunna which even had a cool video shot by Paul Gambit for the song titled Thank You. The only issue people had with this two man army is that it was looking like a one man army because Victor was the one spearheading most of the moves and Liberian King George just followed as a puppet, Liberia King George extreme humility may be because of the age gap between him and his big brother or because he didn’t know how the game runs and his big brother overtime has become a Pro that he could benchmark sheepishly.The gist is George Music was established through the family strength Victor and LKG Discovered when they had to manage Bucky Raw together and again George Music would give LKG the chance to show us that he is not a puppet as most people think, though it’s a partnership with his big bro but we would be seeing a lot of him in decision making and other areas of the New Label. The conflict of interest here is that Victor seems to be so in love with George music than Amplified? in this situation,George music is Barsee Macopala Kiloda and Amplified is his Award winning Artist Stunna, Why is it that i feel Victor is into his New artist than the old kid on the block Stunna? There was onetime i heard rumors of Victor complaining of how Stunna can’t do anything without him helping him out, so when he is attached to other activities Stunna’s music career is on a hold. Now when it comes to Barsee Macopala Kiloda, This Rapper is used to being independent, he dropped a hot album with twenty or more songs without the assistance of a proper label or financial giant, he held a concert that filled up sport Commission to the brim without anyone helping him. Barsee is a dream come true for Victor because with Barsee, Victor would be able to focus more than when he had to fart before Stunna could smell anything. The conflict wouldn’t show now but when Stunna’s hit songs For Life and 911 fades off from our night clubs, the streets and we all don’t sing it as we are singing now then it would be clear to us because at that moment Barsee Macopala Kiloda would have gained more control of the airwaves, the heart of the people and with how sensitive his career would be at that point it would be difficult for Victor to share his attention and love for Barsee with Stunna because Victor wouldn’t want his rapper to rise so high then fall like his predecessors Nuchie Meek and Revoluxion. To prevent this conflict, i would give Victor the same advice i gave King Jafar in an article i wrote about Ldrez, Victor should expand his team by employing an A&R, Someone most people would connect with as stunna‘s manager, Actually Tmark is partially playing that role but to make things more serious Victor Should make it official so Stunna‘s Career won’t die down so fast because with all prediction that’s what would happen if Tmark or someone else that Stunna can trust doesn’t take charge. Bucky Raw‘s music career is also in big danger because his manager Liberia King George is Co managing a Kid that’s very much a replacement for him as the King of Trapco. This is another conflict that needs to be resolved or else LKG would find himself in a mess where the two artists he is managing would start beefing themselves and he wouldn’t know who to support. LKG needs to be truthful with himself, he wouldn’t have started another label with an artist with great potentials like Barsee if he still had faith in Bucky Raw, LKG should just make it clear once and for all, but with the sign he is showing it would be a smart move if Bucky Raw starts looking for a New Manager for himself because it would be Hell for him, he won’t be able to stand the heat of being managed by the same person that’s managing a rival. The conflict of having two Record Labels could be prevented if Victor alongside his younger brother Liberia King George who manages the hottest rapper in the Nation Bucky Raw could just stick to this harmless words of knowledge.

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