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After listening to the song LETTER TO THE INDUSTRY by Holy Recordz boss A.fo4doe early today I got inspired to write about our slow moving music industry, Everything that was said in the song are facts, I laughed when he said hipco have no legend, its so true. What are the contributions that this so called legends are making in the industry? Where is Noy.z, Lucky Bucky and others but before i talk about it let us define the word LEGEND (A person with extraordinary accomplishment). What have these guys accomplished, how many tours have they gone for? How many young artists have they helped? How many international collaborations do they have? These guys should come back to complete what they have started, make a concrete name for themselves and stop living on past glory that can’t even take them to Lofa for a tour. The hatred and grudge is on the increase in this needle eye industry, Promotion is now based on some affiliation not real talents anymore.
Bloggers going against bloggers, Top Entertainers fighting against each other.

Meanwhile some individuals have proven to be vital, doing everything possible to take the music industry to another level but to be real they still got a lot more to do and this is what I have to say.. Shut up and continue your hard work. No disrespect to anyone but even an underground artist in Ghana is earning a good living than our top artists here in Liberia. Stop boasting about yourself And join hands together let us make the industry the way it should be. I guess every artists wants to ride a Ferrari, live in a well furnished duplex . Everyone is praying for the government to invest in the Entertainment industry,but wait what are u doing now to convince the Government to say Amen! to such a wonderful dream. Are you childishly sitting down depending on your past glory or desiring to win a plaque at those unorganized award ceremonies. Award Ceremonies that discourage competition in the industry by giving their awards to individuals that don’t deserve it.

The fans have a big task to play too! It’s annoying when ever I hear a fan saying I’m a die hard fan of a particular artist without them making genuine effort to support that Artist. As a die hard fan you can’t base your love on lip service but real actions, if you don’t purchase your favourite artist songs or attend their shows then you are only programming them for poverty because without your money in their pocket they would be broke. The industry would be more profitable if the stakeholders just talkless i mean shut up! and keep working hard…Workhard! because there is no good life for a Lazy Man.


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