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Beenieking BS2 Feat. PCK -Your Love- [Prod. Cyrus Beatz]


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Beenieking BS2 featuring PCK_Your_Love full lyrics

its a pleasure..PCK!!!
And De king of voice..beenieking BS2 pon this gyaliiii………

{Its cyrus beatz}

Your love is(deeper than the ocean)
Your love is(value than diamond)
Your love is(everything that I want)…
[I love you today
I love you yesterday
I love you..I love you..I..I..
I love you..lovl..lovl..lovl…
Love you bad iihyd] Girl I..(repeat hook)2X
Verse 1-
Beenieking BS2:
So many good girls ar come pon my way
Some of dem love real
And some of dem fake(it taught me a lesson)
Me not care bout dem
But ar you weh me want
You alone weh me want
Looking inna your face
Me see me queen fortunately gyal me see me royalty
Everything with you it is so sweet
When I’m with you I can not regret
When I’m with you I have more interest
When I’m with you I feel I’m De best
When I’m with you I’m touching De best..
(Repeat chorus)
[Repeat hook]2X

So take it easy don’t rush it(easy babe)
I promise i am gonna make you feel great(I will make you feel great)
[Love ay hay love ay hay babe o o o] 2X
Baebe o o o o oooo
Eeyeay lay lay lay
Open up enter close it baebe la how I want keep you there(enter)
Open up enter close it keep you In my heart savely
No no no I can not let you go I keep you save baebe oo(eeyeay eeyeay)
I wouldn’t let you down trust me baebe I be there for you(love you baebe)
Two shot in the air
Two shot in the air
For me angel
Two shot in the air
More shot in the air for my baebay
Baebe let me inspire you with love(serious Mann)
With me you got nothing going on wrong with you(nothing going on wrong)
I’ll be there for you uyu uuuu
Angel of my life
I’ll be dying without you dear
All of the time I love you baebe(love you baebe oo)Boi P its a pleasure PCK…
(Repeat Chorus)
[Repeat Hook]2X

Your love is more than one million dollar million dollar million dollar
One million dollar anywhere you go
Me say me Gwan fit follow ooo yuh…

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