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Little things matters in Life, but when we don’t understand that they do until we make very big mistakes that puts a full stop to every good thing we have worked so hard for. It’s like our jue dem bunnie dust is seeking favors from those he messed up by leaking his own vomit, why on earth would he apologize to the Urey family in public? That’s not a sign of maturity for the fact that he is putting his hardcore brand at stake, we felt he was an eagle that flew fearlessly through the peak of a successful Music career but now all we see is a featherless chicken that perches for food and needs warmth from the camp of his enemies.

With all the bad energy he created with his lyrics and attitude against his ex lover Benita Urey, it would be unimaginable that he would wake up on one ugly day to profess that he beautifully loves her and regrets his actions of letting her go. Is he not thinking of how his present girlfriend will feel? shouldn’t he know that his little mullato girl would be feeling used and cheap because all the time she felt she was his Queen, the only person that was sitting on the throne of his heart was Benita Urey.

A thug should never show that he cries even if he does, Christoph had enough room to apologize to those that he wronged behind close doors because that’s how entertainment is being handled, it’s better i am your friend in private and be portrayed as that person that hates you in the eye of those that her out there if it’s adding a profitable value to your brand and maybe the other persons brand.
We Liberians love to act as if we care about people in public but deep in our hearts we are not cool with them, the part that Christoph sent out an apologetic message to Benita‘s sister Telia looks seriously fishy, Now that Telia is running for the post of representative and with the support she is getting she might win and if she does she would be the number one citizen at Christoph‘s district 15. Christoph is so afraid of being bullied as Longan town’s greatest artist because if Telia takes over district 15 then he is doomed! if Telia is his big sister as he claimed he should have quietly gone to her, beg her, then talk to her on how he can use entertainment to support his hood.
Now when i say support i am not saying he should come out to broadcast that he loves her, he could apply reverse psychology, act as if he doesn’t like her still, a well structured rivalry between politicians and entertainers can be very helpful especially when the entertainer is a musician because when this happens it creates proper check and balance and when there’s check and balance Telia‘s Government is forced to deliver to the people because Christoph as the ruthless voice of the people of district 15 would be ringing the needs of the people in her ears. We should have known that Christoph has lost it when he shared a video of himself taking bath outside in open air, this showed a crack in his team, his PR especially which became the force of his brand.
Christoph won’t recover from this error so soon, he would need alot of PR repair or else he would rundown so fast as an irrelevant rapper.


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