There is a way that someone would have so much money that you would have to fight yourself to believe that they ever suffered. One lesson Double H taught me even before the actual interview started was that, If you don’t have the patience that can boil a rock then don’t expect yourself to dine with a King.
I and Double H were mean’t to meet around 2pm at his home, so he could be more comfortable and unscripted so anything i would want to write would be as original as it should be, it was my fault that i called him by surprise at 9:am in the morning on June 19 to request for such an opportunity,One or two things didn’t make me do that a week before or even a day earlier, so i wasn’t offended that he kept me on my toes like a Ballet Dancer because he was doing everything to squeeze me into his busy schedule that he has already planned.
He didn’t plan to meet with me remember? But he made sure he didn’t let me down.The location changed and also did time, When i found myself in front of the Media and Entertainment mogul it was 9pm already and we were at Boulevard Palace Hotel. Was he still busy at this time? Wow! Double H works round the clock, The First Lady Of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency Fatimah Maad Bio Just came into the country that very day and he was there with other High and Mighty Personalities to receive her into the Luxurious Hotel.
He said these words to me as soon as we shook hands, In his English Arabic Accent “I love your energy, you didn’t stop calling my phone to make sure this meeting holds. Keep Being passionate, you will go far”. As i sat down i was able to coin out two positive characters that made him the Man we know today from the advice he gave me, “Consistency” and “Passion”, From those two words i confirmed that Double H has had an Adventurous Life. Hazem G Harb who we all know as Double H lost his Father at the age of eight, Dropped out of school at the age of sixteen because things really got bad for his family financially.
He had times he felt unloved because most of his peers came from rich backgrounds and it was difficult to rub shoulders with them because he was an Outcast to them. Hazem spent some years doing well as a Bar tender in his country then in 2003 he decided to take a trip to Liberia to visit his Brother in-law, He said to me clearly “I was so disappointed at the Airport, below standard! Then Ugly ELWA, not now but then it was just a bush like a typical rural village. To add up my pain, i wanted to do a club tour, at least go around and party to have a feel of the night life here but Liberia had only one club and that was Pop.”
From what he explained Double H didn’t plan to stay here, but since he is a Man that knows how to use opportunities when he sees one, Double H decided to take advantage of the boring Night Life and Entertainment Industry for a better good.

So i asked him, what was your first job here in Liberia? He said through connections he started working as the Bar Manager at Royal Hotel.Double H didn’t stop there but he said he started hosting events for the United Nations at the Hotel too. I was wondering how he coped with Liberians especially when the color of his skin that shows that he is a foreigner, Double H said to me “I never knew God’s plans for me but i told myself let me see what i can do to make myself comfortable, i saw the gap between Lebanese and Liberians. I saw that that we were not united, so i began to make friends with more Liberians and by doing that it has made Liberia my home”. How did you meet DJ BLUE? When i asked this question, you could see his heart smiling on his face. He said, “I met DJ Blue the first hour he arrived in Liberia in 2005, He was brought to me straight from his deportation. People used to tell me to be careful of him but i didn’t listen because in Life we are not perfect, it’s good to build friendship on trust.” Double H explained that him, DJ Blue and Cypher Da King started working on a lot of projects together, He said “Our first event was sold out! People paid 20USD for regular then 40USD for Couple that night, it was good Business”. Double and his guys started “The Blue Links Radio Show” in 2005, “We had MTN sponsoring us, they were paying us 300 and that money was for all expenses.
it was strictly entertainment, the money increased.” How did you guys establish Hot FM? Double H knew this question was going to be asked so he replied with a full detailed story, “One time my car broke down, me, Blue, Cypher on the bridge, i said lets start our own radio station. My guys saw reasons in what i said because we were facing some challenges with some of the Radio stations, Some of them kept increasing the money for their Airtime because they felt we were making so much money from our Sponsors. We didn’t have the Cash to start our own Radio Station but had the passion that pushed us to someone who gave us some money and also we took a loan.” Double H told me that Hot Fm was established in 2010 but from 2007 until 2009 he was without a Job, he owed a lot of people money,He did some other businesses and lost a lot of money.

He opened a Bar and Restaurant, He said, ” We took Embassy Club, Changed it to 107 and still lost money. Then after that we decided to open a studio, Blue Link Records and Internet Cafe Which wasn’t a Bad idea. It took me eight years to pay everyone i owed, I sold all my four cars, DJ Blue’s wife helped me with 4000 thousand dollars to pay my debt then two other friends, one of them is wilson and the second guy i won’t mention his name, borrowed me their cars for two months to use until i could bounce back.Through the time i was looking for a job, My friend Tella Urey saw the need to talk to her Dad Benoni Urey to help me with a Job at Lonestar MTN. I got the Job, between this time i got robbed, my house got burnt, lost money again. My Friend Nya and his family fed me through out. I realised that when you are a nice person God surely provide an helper of you”. I never knew Double H‘s relationship with God until he said this, “When am driving my friends cars i am always like: God when will you bless me with a New Car? So one beautiful day at a fuel station, i saw an handicapped beggar, gave him money, then after doing that he came to me and prophesied and said: God will bless you with a new car. it shocked me because he didn’t know that i didn’t have a car of my own. A month later someone blessed me with a car, this got me crying because it became more real that God is watching over me all the time and with Him i have a secured future.”Listening to Double H talk so deep about God you won’t ever in your life want to hear anyone accuse him of Quincy B‘S Death anymore. So i asked him looking straight into his eyes to try to draw every emotion from it to the point where i would almost see everything he saw, How was Quincy B‘s last moment with you like? He said “That Night Quincy B was looking different from every other time you see him…Quincy came to meet me that he had a new song, i told him to go to DJ Theo(Late) to play his song, to be honest that night nobody has touched my soul with the way Quincy sang that Karaoke Night. When i got home that night i was watching a basketball game, fixed my Shisha then i got a call from the late DJ Theo about the accident, Telia Urey also called me immediately. The next day it was so hot, soon as i got to the bridge it started raining, i asked God, is this a sign? got to the hospital i asked for Quincy B, they said he is dead, i couldn’t believe it.

I asked for Quincy they said Quincy is at the back of the trunk. I was not pleased with where they placed him so i and two other people carried Quincy to the mortuary.We started calling people to call McCarthy, King Jafar and people that need to be around. When i saw his body his face was looking as if he was angry. I was lost, because 20minutes ago i was hugging,laughing and dancing with him and now he is lifeless, gone! CIC was in so much pain…CIC kept asking for Quincy, i didn’t know what to tell him. I had to tell him Quincy was dead and never going to return back to us. It broke my heart that i had to be in that position to tell CIC such a terrible News. Before i could get home to get my phone and some cash to return back to the hospital, i saw over 500,000 views on the Facebook live Video i did with me and Quincy as he performed at the Karaoke Night, i deleted it immediately because people love Bad News.When Quincy Was alive that video had only few views but soon as the News of his death touched the hears of people, the views increased and rumor mongers started spreading untrue stories about me. The Bad Energy was too much to the point that i almost didn’t want to go for the funeral when the time came. My Nurse(Maid) was the one that convinced me to go to the funeral, she even brought my clothes so i won’t say i don’t know what to wear. The hate made me not to go anywhere for almost a month, i locked myself up in my house. I was emotionally down, A friend of mine came to visit me during this period and he said it’s too late for me to give up on Liberia’s Entertainment Industry. He reminded me that there’s really no part of the Entertainment Industry that you won’t thank God for the involvement of my brand Double H. This inspired me that i remembered when we brought Timaya into the country, the show was sold out with not less than 30,000 people, the turn out made me boast to my team that we will all go to the states for vacation, then invest heavily in Hot Fm, start Hot Tv and other great projects we had in mind. Sadly,when I, DJ Blue and Cypher Da King got to our Hotel room to count the millions we made because we had three big bags of money, we thought we made it until we were done with counting the three bags of money then realized that it was not anywhere close to the money we invested into the show, the money we made was just 6000 USD. What happened to the millions we were mean’t to make? we realized that the real money was shared between our staffs, bouncers, security guys because they were pocketing it instead of giving proper account. This made me cry so much in the hotel room because all my plans crashed down, the other guys had to comfort me and they gave me the assurance that it’s just a learning process that all our efforts would surely yield good fruits someday. How i started Karaoke was another thing that couldn’t make me give up on myself and the Liberian Entertainment Industry.The karaoke Night idea wasn’t mine but for Blue house years back, i was only working with them as a promoter to get them people to come for the event every Thursday. The Library of songs they used was created by me, so when Blue House decided to close, i asked for the permission to continue the Karaoke Night and i got a Yes! So this time the Karaoke Night became mine and without wasting time the next Thursday Karaoke Night moved to Sky Bar. From Sky Bar now we are at Anglers and trust me it keeps getting bigger and better at Anglers.Quincy B‘s death made me to notice that i am a target for everybody both positive and negative. Some want to be like me while some want to destroy me.”

The time was after 10pm, had to round up but i had two questions left, So i asked him the first one, Are you gay? Double H knew i asked that question based on how people see him because he his not married, he has no kid and no girlfriend. The answer he gave was No! and that’s because even at the age of 41 years old and with all the wealth he has he counts relationship has too much responsibility. Finally i asked the last question, What’s your future plan for Liberia’s Entertainment with all you have done? Double H with the energy to answer more questions replied, “A lot of people say when i help people i am looking for attention. I only post about it to inspire people. if each person help another person this country would be a better place. I am working with Africa’s popular TV and Radio Personality VJ Adams on a project which is a radio show across Africa, my part in this project is to make sure DJ Adams promotes Liberian Music on this Platform and this is really big for us as a country.” This great promoter spoke more on this project after i was done with the interview with him as we drove off from Boulevard Palace Hotel in his expensive automobile. The name Double H belongs in the Hall Of Fame of Liberia’s Entertainment, we can’t deny that he has contributed immensely, This Man called Double H is nothing but a Living Legend.

Written by: Edwin Mohammed Elic-Jaleiba [Editor In Chief PlusLiberia]


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