Life is so secretive to the extend that you don’t know your neighbor’s next move. You might see a person as a teacher today by tomorrow everything will change. There are people who don’t have a passion for a specific career but rather do it to gain the fame to persuade their dream career. This is something that is happening all around the world not excluding Liberia.

A similar story about our President his excellency George M. Weah. The president started as a soccer athlete before becoming President achieving almost everything a successful footballer could ever achieve. Back then when former head of state CHARLES G. TAYLOR went publicly to announce that George Weah wanted to become president everyone said he wanted to kill the poor little boy (George Weah) that’s why accused him falsely. Not knowing that the former world best player had one eye on football while the other on politics.

By 2006 we saw the rebirth of our President but this time it was George Weah the politician. He used his fame to get what he wanted long ago and now a new chapter have been opened in his history. Although The Commander in Chief have been criticized heavily by opposition but he is still loved by his countrymen. People are now using him as example to get what they want.

This is happening right here in our entertainment industry. Award winning comedian Angel Michael is not taking his career lightly. The comedian is on a mission and could one day end up as the greatest entertainer of all time or like President Weah. Everyone who knew Angel Michael from the beginning will testify that he wanted to be a musician and his stage was slow but sure. Indeed he is slow but sure. From the look of things I think he never had the passion of being a comedian but because he never had the attention in the music scene he decided to take the long road to success by doing comedy to grab the attention of the Liberians and the World at large. Mission accomplished; now he is the most popular comedian in Liberia. The award winning comedian is striking to another path.

The comedian took his first step towards his old career which seems to be new in the eyes of others in and around Liberia late last year when he released his debut song tagged CHRISTMAS DEMAND which was an instant hit. People thought he was joking and Angel Michael is a very sharp guy he allowed everyone to forget before releasing his second single”ONE SHOT FOR MY HATERS” I expected everyone to suspect him after he dropped his second single but as the saying goes”LIBERIANS HARD TO BELIEVE THINGS”.

Everything the comedian is doing is slow but trust me he is sure of his plans. After his second single the third one came in but this time featuring one of the greatest rapper to ever exist in Liberia titled “RIP NORMAL DAY“. The song spread faster in the country like Ebola virus matter of fact it is currently the country anthem. To prove he is not taking anything lightly he released the video and is expected to release another song tagged “WILD WAY” anytime soon.


The shocking secret about Angel Michael is that he is eyeing politics. Have you ever asked why he is back and front in the Liberian politics or why he is around so many politicians in the country. It’s likely that after music the comedian will join politics besides he even stated it in one of his comedy that his dream was to become a politician but the twist of fate led him to comedy. Take note destiny can be delayed but can’t be denied.



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