A Car does more than carrying you around, when you have one the outside world won’t even know when you don’t have a dime on you, the general assumption would be that everything is okay with you especially when your car is in good shape. Stunna’s White Nissan Jeep as been in the garage for weeks now without him having one cent to fix it, the reports i got is that the car engine is down, his big money manager Victor wouldn’t come to his aid and this is because he doesn’t have cash to waste on this Superstar that was his precious stone, but because Stunna has refused to be strong and independent like his New born baby Barsee Macopala Kiloda who he signed as a growing giant on the music scene, but Stunna has chosen to be stagnant without his musical engine functioning properly like his automobile which is lying somewhere in 72nd in a useless state.

Stunna shouldn’t be crying that he his broke if indeed he his putting enough money in his management’s purse, Victor’s refusal to give Stunna money is a drift from a father who had only one child to take care of and spoilt him with everything, to a business man with two artists to shoulder, so this is what Victor was trying to say to Stunna; Don’t always expect to reap from where you didn’t sow, it is money that brings money. Victor is expecting Stunna’s brand to be yielding millions of dollars right now, actually Victor has spent a lot to make Stunna a fountain that gushes out countless cash, Can you remember Stunna’s Collaboration with Iyanya? That should have been the big break, but the financial output was as poor as Stunna’s lyrics on the song. Victor felt because he used his fat pocket to push the song on trace, Hip Tv and other huge platforms then the song is a hit, for real that’s one problem our Liberian managers and musicians have, they easily tag a song a hit when they have forced the song on DJ’s to play it on radio, TV Stations and blogger to cook up stories so everything can appear real. But this is it, if Stunna’s Balance featuring Iyanya was actually a hit song it would have been trending naturally on trace, Hip Tv and so on, Sorry enough, this song wasn’t even played up-to three or four times because it was all based on the money Victor made available. True! music is a money game but when you’re spending is not strategic you will lose stupidly, Victor didn’t give Stunna enough time to mature before he started throwing out money, we are all talking about Rema, but most people don’t know that Rema was under tutoring for a year before Don Jazzy unleashed to the world, now every penny that Don Jazzy is spending can’t do but bring back more money. Rema though a younger artist than Stunna in the game won’t be waiting for Don Jazzy to give him money before he gets his car fixed. Stunna doesn’t even have an original sound yet, that’s what his management would have worked on first, Baby O! Went viral but it’s not original, then the video had an identical video to another big artist video, the same mistake he made with For Life’s visuals, For Life only tried in the market because it was a continuation to Baby O! and Baby O! as we know is a direct product of Kuami Eugene’s Angela. For Life is said to be a replica of a an unpopular french song, Stunna just added the Kuami Eugene’s style to boost it. Stunna can sing but do you know that if Barsee Macopala taps into that area he would have a more fruitful career and that’s because of his Originality, i can even tell you right now that aside from Casimoney who sings very well as a rapper Barsee Macopala is the next rapper that can deliver as a good singer, not even CIC that has multiple hits as a singer, we all know without auto tune CIC would be nothing as a vocalist. Do you know why giant labels invest so much on A&R and Publicists? That’s because the artist can only bring great returns financially when the artist is Original, it’s not too late for Stunna but he needs to make haste because the likes of J Slught and Jaredo are miles ahead of him and if care is not taken he would be forced to retire and all Victor’s big money would burn to ashes because of their achievements and expansion. Stunna needs to work! Victor George needs to think! We are tired of fake news from Stunna’s brand about him being signed to international labels, relationship with top female celebrities or featuring wizkid, Stunna should relax, humble himself and work! once again Victor George needs to think!


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