It was like a bone stucked in his throat, he couldn’t spit it out and also couldn’t swallow it, all he could do was just bare the agony of the situation he found himself. He gave us clues to tell us that he was in between the devil and the deep blue sea, What do you think he was trying to say when he shot a video taking his bath in public, A video where he was eating shirtless on the street? Why do you think he ran to a church in New Georgia for Prayers? A lot of people felt “WEED” took a new turn in his life, instead of it[Weed] inspiring him, everyone said that it[Weed] was driving him nuts.

But why were we all so judgmental? If we were caring enough and supporting our Celebrities like we should, we would have seen that Christoph was about to lose his home, he was going through troubles that were above him, Our full attention Shouldn’t just be on the songs alone but also on the guys that make the songs. In all the mess he found himself, he still couldn’t do without pleasing his fans, he promised that he was going to release 50 songs before the year fades out. A decision that makes me ask, where is he going to get the money to work on such a huge project? Actually, i am pitying Christoph, he truly loves the gift God blessed him with but this gift can’t afford to put food on his table. If Christoph can’t afford food on his table, how come can he afford to drive around in an expensive Jeep? Don’t you think he should have sold that car to pay his rents? I am sure he would rather live in a Jeep than a proper home, maybe that’s not the case because Christoph the Change from one of his Instagram videos confessed that he has not finished paying for the automobile.

The thing is, if music was not putting money in his pocket why was he pretending that music was the source of his income? And what was Christoph doing besides music that was bringing in all that cash that he was lavishing on an expensive lifestyle before he became broke? During the days were Christoph’s fat Bank account had him boasting in his songs about being filthy rich, there was a rumor that took over that he was arrested at the airport for drugs. This rumor didn’t stop his money, even if there is any truth in him doing drugs, but what i took note of , is that his money dried up the moment the second phase of his gay allegations rose up and the whole nation was practically convinced that he was in Sexual affairs with men to enrich himself. Then to add, his protege Margas killed someone accidentally and damaged Christoph’s old Jeep. The Joke around town is that Christoph no longer has gay boyfriends because they are scared of being mentioned in a beef track by Bucky Raw or any other rapper and don’t want any of his female girlfriends leaking secret conversations and pictures of his alleged gay life to the public,that’s why he is broke. Christoph needs help and i feel if you think you are in the position to help him then you should. Financially he needs help, but if he cannot get Psychological and complete Spiritual help, when he gets back on his feet whether through music or genuine business, he will still find himself back in the mud.


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