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L DREZ has slowly placed JAREDO on Sabbatical leave, Has JAJA overworked himself so soon! I would not want to believe so, because he has not dropped anything as major as an EP Or Album, He hasn’t toured the world yet, so why is there a seize in his music flow? This is usually not the way King Jafar does SOG promotions when it comes to CIC, When Jaredo was at his peak the Cralorboi was also up there, so really nobody felt bad or less appreciated. L DREZ have had his moment of silence at the Record Label, Where we all thought his music career was a miscarriage; Died before its birth. Now it’s Jaredo that’s going through this phase of silence, but instead of calling Jaredo‘s Phase a miscarriage we can tag it as Grace to Grass. He went straight up, No good Song to sustain him at the top for his fans to be vibing to, then he came falling right back to the ground. What has made CIC a back to back Hit maker? Is it King Jafar‘s Love for him as his first born or CIC‘s ability to independently drop songs without no feature and stress free watch them top music charts all over the country? I will tell you that CIC‘s Secret is based on one thing and it’s the fact that he drops singles, Something Jaredo has hardly done, Yes! Hardly done! because i don’t feel Jaredo should be bold enough to call “SMILE” a Single.

What’s wrong with that song being called a single? it’s a beautiful song, great lyrics, Pure emotions, but do you know what spoilt it? The beat is a downloaded beat that’s popularly used by the public and this killed the originality of the song. I f you were Jaredo, Would you record such a lovely song on a downloaded beat, especially when you know that it would be your first Solo project as a Superstar act? We are waiting for a single from Jaredo but would L DREZ’s Massive Hit track give way, because everywhere you turn on the streets of Liberia, all we seem to hear is MONDAY MA, even the music video could be placed on replay and be watched through out the all day because it is so entertaining and the Concept that was used is really classy.

Jaredo has a tough nut to crack as he records his New Materials because we don’t need him to rub off on other people’s glory since “SMILE” has shown us that he is strong enough to be on his own, “Nobody” didn’t hit without Stunna‘s efforts, For “Your Waist” to take over, Jaredo had to cross the ocean to Ghana to collaborate with Kuami Eugene, “Wait for you ” also needed PCK for it to go viral, So has many other songs he released especially with CIC on most of the songs. Let’s Pray that Jaredo knows that he needs to be careful because L DREZ is compelled to drop a single after MONDAY MA which he featured their Big Brother CIC on, it wouldn’t be good for him if L DREZ‘s Single hits as Monday Ma or even more than it, then to add salt upon injury the beat is not downloaded like that of “SMILE” but as original as the MONDAY MA‘s beat. Wow! Jaredo would be under so much pressure and would be found struggling to climb back to the top.


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