The other day, I had a date with this very gorgeous lady, that could pass for a super model. If i could only draw, my pencil would have produced a Great Artwork from just sketching out her face, She is indeed a wonder to speak of. But as i marveled over her beauty i took note of the fact that she has a big nose, A broken tooth that makes her smile crooked, Pointed ears that could be compared to that of an Elf, but still with all these flaws,it wasn’t enough for me to say she is ugly, because without them, She would have practically looked like a different person and maybe i wouldn’t have adored her like i did.
My experience with the gorgeous lady was all that i needed to understand why most people have not criticized J Slught‘s No Money Music Video. It’s not that mistakes were not made by the Director Ush and Beevonne Recordz team of creative directors, but the Video had a lot of captivating scenes that wouldn’t be shot in an everyday Liberian Music video.

Some of these scenes were so good to be true! A typical Liberian Musician and his Video Director would have taken the option of just filming people struggling while He(The Musician) appears so well dressed as he tells their story, but the Surprise element is that J Slught could wear the character of a common Liberian hustler who struggles to keep food on his table as he sells cold water on broad street and also maintains a relationship with a lover who feels if she stays with him, She would die in Poverty. The script was well written, but i think i should add the reality of it being wisely stolen too! J Slught and his team should thank Rude Boy from the defunct P Square for leading the way with his mind blowing Video for “Reason with Me” which was directed by the awesome mind of Clarence Peters. You would realize that even though USH and Beevonne team of Creative Directors tried shaking up the scenes, you could still point to where the inspiration was cropped from, So did they really work so hard? No! They did not, because the concept they used is a replica of Paul’s(Rude Boy) Music Video.
Which other error can you place your hands on? As for me, i have my hands filled with all the errors in the video. I don’t know if USH got carried away by the drama of J Slught receiving a text from his Ex-Girlfriend at the beginning of the the Video that he forgot to show us an Overview of the City before the scenes that conveyed the city activities slid in? That was necessary, USH has a Drone Camera right? Then that should have been used, it would have given the Music Video an extra effect. Now, Let us talk about that part where J Slught received the apology text from his Ex-Girlfriend, Did you see those giant pimples on J Slught‘s face? I thought Mount Wologosi, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest and other mountains around the world relocated to his face, Wow! Is it that the make up artist forgot to do her job at that moment? Because his face was so rough while the other scenes had his face as smooth and fine like the buttocks of a New born baby.

In truth, i can tell you the scenes where USH displayed more professionalism than Clarence Peters who directed Rude Boy‘s “Reason With Me” Video. Let me state one scene before i round up this article; You know Rudeboy and J Slught both had a scene in their videos where they both begged their girlfriend’s in a room. Alright, Did you know notice that Ush lights set up gave J Slught’s Room scene a more natural texture and appearance than what Clarence did? Actually, Ush did very well, it’s just that more could have been done. I see this video being nominated for Music Video of the Year because it’s at that level of bagging such an award.



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