The Commander In Chief is not just baring that title for the fun of it, The Army of Fans that trooped in to show him high respect as he had his first Bus Stop in the City of Kakata as he tours the Nation, could leave your mouth open until pupu fly enters into it without stress. What a Wow? The Reception of a King, Really! What took CIC so long to do this? There was no reason not to do a county tour all these while, but am glad he finally listened to constructive critics from us, Very impressive, it’s better late than never.
This Article is all compressed with Constructive Criticism, just like the first piece i wrote two years ago analyzing and predicting the Future of Jaredo, Stunna, J Slught and C Jay. Reflecting on that article now, i feel like a Prophet because all that was said about them back then has occurred in these past 730 days . Let us start with Doubting Thomas, We are still waiting for him to drop the album he was meant to drop in September, the gist is he is dropping it this month November, Imagine he is dropping an album and the first single hasn’t touched our ears, On a real if you are going to drop an album then your fans should have felt at least two songs from it a month or more before the Album reaches the hands of the public.

Stunna has been Nominated for artist of the year again this year 2019, The MLMA is here and with truthful predictions Stunna may go home with nothing, “For Life” was not Nominated for song of the year, instead “911” was placed in that category, Funny right? Do you think “911” is a bigger song than “For Life” ? “For Life” should have been Nominated instead of “911” that would have given Stunna a stronger hope to go home with an Award, So am wondering, Why would MLMA make such error? Award Organizers have never been fair to Stunna though, Do you know that Stunna has never Won New Artist Of the Year? And that’s because our award organizers promoted him too fast into Categories like “Artist of the year “, when he should have grown gradually . “Baby O” was viral and no one could have enough of that song, that was Stunna‘s big break but If Award Organizers knew what they were doing Last year they would have seen that Stunna was New and he had no reason to compete with CIC and Bucky Raw in the Category of Artist of the Year, There are kings at different levels and Stunna was the King of the New Kids.
Talking about New Kids, Mr Parbai and L DREZ did well to find themselves in the Category of “New Artist of the year” especially with the fact that they are one hit wonders. The issue with one hit wonders is that they hardly keep up with the Fame and the expectations of their fans. Most often it’s luck, but some musicians have been able to push themselves from being Lucky to being consistent hit makers.

C Jay was almost consistent, “Boss Chick” blew our minds off, then “My Vow” swept out our feet, Afterwards the question became Where is C JAY? It was not that C Jay was not dropping songs but those songs were not up to par with the Previous ones. C Jay could be seen as the falling Star among the Four Princes because he has allowed New Kids like Mr Parbai and L Drez to fight for his position in the music royal family. It’s not good News to know that an artist like C Jay was not Nominated in any Category at this year’s MLMA. Could next year be different for him? I would not be judgmental and conclude that C Jay wouldn’t rise from being a Falling Star into the Super Sun that he should be and that’s because from investigations that i did, Bilikon Ent. has restructured and they seem to be ready to do all it takes to put C Jay back on top. It would be nice to have C Jay back on Award Nomination Lists, Hit Lists and on our Favorite Playlists.

The Liberian Dream has been J Slught and Jaredo, these kids took music to another degree this year, New Trends kept popping up because they were never satisfied with what ever they did. Jaredo broke boundaries by collaborating with Kuami Eugene, the song is dope! but for some weeks it was a poorly mastered version of that song that was being distributed by SOG records. This mistake was a turn off because we are all wondering, why will a song be this good and it wouldn’t have a good output? The error was rectified though, we left that chapter into Jaja’s collaboration with Da’vero, “Quick Quick” It was a Jam and the video was better than that of the song he did with Kuami Eugene. I have said this before and my mouth is never heavy to say it again, When will Jaredo give us an Original Single? This is a big issue, but SOG seem not to care. Another thing is Jaredo should relax on trying to be like WizKid,Brother! You are Jaredo and you will never be Wizkid.
Tonight is a great night for T Floyd because he has been nominated in four categories with one song, but the irony to T Floyd‘s Beautiful Night is that the guy who wrote the song, Produced it, is only nominated in two categories. The hilarious part is that, the guy was not given credit by MLMA that the song was a joint effort. So if T FLoyd wins an award tonight, J Slught won’t have a share of that glory because it would be only T Floyd that would be called to receive the award. That’s complete nonsense, but from what i heard about J Slught and T Floyd‘s joint performance tonight, J Slught actually does not care or think that he his being cheated on out of his handwork. J Slught has been nominated for “New Artist of the year and Best Producer of the year”, He is the Favorite for these Awards based on his Massive contribution to these categories.

The MLMA is Liberia’s Biggest Award and Tonight is the Night where some Stars would shine and some wouldn’t.



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