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A lot of People have been expecting me to discredit Stunna’s Award for Male Artist of the year at the MLMA . It’s quite funny to me because if i do that, then i will be demonizing my reputation as a Critical Writer instead because in my own honest view, Stunna deserved that Award. I don’t write out of hate but love and that is why this write up was penned.
Let me quickly give you an insight into a recent interview i had with C JAY When he dropped his New Song and video on Friday. I had too many questions to ask him especially about how he felt about not being nominated for any award because i could tell he wished he was in Stunna’s Shoes, being able to go home as a Winner of a well talked about Category. His New song “Don’t Chu” is a Jam, but why couldn’t he give us this earlier, C Jay Opened up “I hate the fact that I didn’t work harder,I acted reluctant and that caused me to not achieve what I wanted but I learned my lesson.(The hard way tho)” I sensed regret in his voice and in every syllable. A Heartfelt Interview with Stunna would also be nice, but in the absence of that Please let us go straight to this; Which of these New Releases could be a Hit Song between C Jay‘s “Don’t Chu” Or Stunna‘s “Oh Lady“?

So now that C JAY is leaving no stone unturned, because he didn’t hide it from me as he said to me bluntly that the Songs he has in store for 2020 has convinced him that he would be the Artist of the Year in every Liberian Award Ceremony Next Year, But do you feel that would ever happen as Stunna in no resting mood dropped his first song from his highly anticipated Album with a video three days after C Jay did the same? Stunna has high hopes of breaking records with his debut album especially with the hype he has created for it.It is just that we don’t even know what the Album Cover looks like, Could this be another sign of poor preparation as he has previously delayed the Album which is still untitled because until now we don’t have a name.

There is a wise word that says “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”, but it is a foolish thing if you don’t do that sometimes because you would end up reading junk. The Song “Oh Lady” is not a turn on compared to what we expected from the kind of Professional input Stunna would have invested into his Album.The beat first of all is very premature, Who produced that song? I heard it’s a New Kid on the block. Stunna‘s magician Dr. Lu is thousands miles far away in America, but that should not stop him from cooking up something massive with DukeBlac ,who he already has an impressive history of quality hit songs with, Or should have used Kizzy W too just like how C Jay did on “Don’t Chu“, Stunna and Kizzy are known for great songs also. Kizzy W Delivered a sweet instrumental which made it very easy for C JAY to ride on beautifully with his voice.

C Jay‘s Lyrics came through the right way on “Don’t Chu” , the Koloqua had its place and that gave us the feel that our Native English is a priority and it can be international as Foreigners adapt it through our music. But Stunna‘s Lyric’s on “Oh Lady” sounded very weak, Stunna and the beat could not Unite, then you could know that he didn’t really know what to say he just said words that came to the tip of his fingers, instead of giving us something deep from his heart.
The two videos are cool, but the video to Stunna‘s Song was so similar to “Baby O” Video, the only part that was unique was the beginning part when he was being interviewed by the press. More could have been done but it wasn’t. Ush should have given us something fresh and avoided tapping into his previous work “Baby O“. C Jay has a better Video than Stunna, the only thing is that there was a part in that video that looks like Jackie Russ stole a concept from another music video that was recently shot by USH. Today’s Head 2 Head goes to C JAY and that is because he looks more prepared than Stunna for a Fantastic year like 2020. C Jay‘s “Don’t Chu” has a stronger probability to be a master hit than Stunna‘s “Oh Lady“.

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