How much efforts has been invested into Barsee Macopala Kiloda by Victor and King George? When the only thing that has changed about him since he joined the Record Label is his New Hairstyle[Dreadlocks]. I can even bet that such branding initiative was not influenced by these music executives because Barsee is Cracky as he always repeats in his songs and his crackiness strongly stands for his ability to always think and do things outside of the box without the push of a second body. We thought Barsee has hit it big! When Victor and King George walked his way, Just the same way we felt when Kizzy W snatched Revoluxion from his fast growing and successful music career, but sorrowfully Kizzy’s mismanagement has made Revo into a shadow of his own self. I have honestly missed Revo being an A List artist, his Rap game was the reason why some rappers believed they could become topnotch and one example is Barsee Macopala Kiloda who rose from a reject at Swagpro Ent. to the most listened to rapper in the Nation right now.

Why do you think Barsee Macopala Kiloda is unfortunate at Amplified/George Music? This is my opinion here, Everyone felt Trapco died too soon, Nuchie Meek was bed ridden somewhere in Ghana then rumors started spreading that he was drugged and raped by Lyee Bility, Some said he had a chronic ulcer, while some concluded that he was poisoned, but any which way he was going to be off from music for a very long time. Revoluxion’s situation has already been explained in the first paragraph, it was just ugly to know that Nuchie Meek and Revo left a huge space that could possibly not be filled by no one at that moment, then a Messiah resurrected from a Genre that was practically dead with a sound and lyrics that could be compared to none. Barsee Macopala Kiloda was doing everything for himself, so Amplified/George Music‘s impact was meant to be very strategic, but the question is, Was there any proper plan for Barsee? Victor and King George did the Arsene Wenger thing when he was Coach of Arsenal and that was to sign a player before any other Coach wakes up to the reality that the Player could be so useful in their team. Arsene always signs these players very young just like how Victor and his brother signed Barsee with all the hunger in him to taste real success, But the fact is Victor and King George Signed Barsee with the mindset that his ready made achievements was enough to take him far without considering to explore opportunities that would blow his Career up. They must have thought that Barsee being the New Voice on the street was all to it, but what they should have realized is that a fruitful farmland could be as useless as a desert if there is no cultivation and sales of farm Products to yield finance for maintenance.

Barsee Macopala Kiloda needs to tour the nation, this is one thing Nuchie Meek did right at the peak of his rap career when he dropped by at few counties, but Barsee has not done that yet. If Barsee was Independent like the way he was when he did his first concert, i want to believe that by now that Barsee would have sold out every county with his shows because he knows how to drive himself. The distribution of Barsee’s music is poor, Yeah! It is, Can you remember what helped the godfather of trapco Bucky Raw to develop such huge success with his music? It’s because as much as his songs could be downloaded from local websites in the Country, people could still go to Spotify and iTunes to purchase his work of art. Why are you doing music if it cannot be sold on these platforms? How would other people from other countries discover you if you are not on these platforms? Do you think Mr Incredible M.I featured Bucky Raw because his songs could only be gotten from Liberian music download platforms? Furthermore, Barsee Macopala Kiloda is ripe enough to be a Brand Ambassador of one of these Business institutions in this country. More Companies are now opened to the idea of having Entertainers and Social Media Influencers as the face of their company, gone are the days of celebrities waiting for only Telecommunication companies to pick them up. So what is Amplified/George Music waiting for to connect Barsee to such a breakthrough?

If Amplified/George Music is not prepared to uplift Barsee Macopala Kiloda to the height where his Career should be, then they should just cut his contract off and allow him to be a free bird for him to explore better opportunities. I don’t think the Liberian people need another Revoluxion, Revo’s downfall broke our hearts, Let us save Barsee Macopala Kiloda‘s Music.



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