She tried holding it back, but the weight of the pain she felt was so heavy that she just had to burst out and cry, as the Doctor advised her on how she should adapt to her new life of being Hiv/aids positive. Her feet dragged on the streets as she walked hopelessly to the bus stop to take a taxi home, She kept cross checking her health result with faith that the word “Positive” would change to “Negative” so she could have her old self back once more, but sadly Life just happened, time can’t be unwined. She stood for a taxi to take her home, her eyes took note of a bill board displaying Popular model Arthurlene Attia in an advert for a Telecommunication company were she had a smile that’s worth so much to even buy this Pro Poor Nation of ours; Quickly she found an escape route to all her problems with an idea that will shock you as you Read.

This young girl’s Master Plan was to become a model, Solely because she wanted to keep her weight loss a secret, no one will ask her how come she reduced drastically since everyone will just assume it’s all because she is chasing a Career in modelling. Actually, this is the Dark Horror of Modelling in Modern Liberia, these young people are hiding their various secretive personalities all in the name of being a model. The wild girls would just wake up one morning with the tag “Model” because modelling agencies here are like prostitution hubs, where our daughters, Sisters and friends are given out to Rich men , Most of these men are old enough to give birth to these girls, but morals are lost so any atrocity is allowed. Imagine the girl with Hiv/Aids i spoke about earlier on, being given to various men in this web of sin, Don’t you think that’s an easy way for this dangerous disease to spread? These men will go home to their wives and kids with such illness, only for them to infect their loved ones with it.

The one that i can’t get over is the mindset that every Male Model is gay. In other countries you won’t be forced to think this way because the Male Models treat their career professionally and don’t use it as a medium to promote their Sexuality, Whether Gay or Not. But in our own country, Modelling is the only way they have to express their sexuality, So you just find Guys who are horrible at modelling, no matter how much lessons they are thought walking the runway and so on. Who said walking the Runway as a Male Model is Cat walking? When you go to Fashion shows, you see these guys twisting and turning like girls which is just ridiculous. Get me right! You being gay is you, but when it comes to modelling please do it the way it should be done, Don’t mix these two things as one.
I am saying all these because i see a great boom! in Liberia’s Fashion Industry, Where Billions would be made, but if we don’t put one or two things to check, then all the hard work and fortunes invested now would be flushed down the earth surface with one hand.



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