Shouldn’t we respect the dead? So how come will someone just jump up on social media and say that Stunna is a mentor to J Slught when the truth is that the reason why Stunna and J Slught found their path as Liberian Sweethearts and favorite voices to listen to is because they had a Legend like Quincy B to look up to and follow religiously. The Late Quincy B is no more but his sound has been passed down to these young lads that seem to be making perfect use of his Legacy. Let me ask, Do you think Competition between two or more Artists should yield Jealousy and hatred? As we can remember, before J Slught and Stunna became Hot Rivals they were brothers that came from Swag District. Even when Stunna was being favored more at the group over J Slught, they had no friction but shared unforgettable moments and bonded well.The gist is that both of them are not in talking terms, What is the root of this evil? People that know the whole genesis of their conflict say that it is as minor as Stunna putting up attitude and snubbing J Slught over issues that are not even clear to the No Money Hit Maker J Slught. J Slught out of Stunna‘s negative vibes decided to retaliate by acting the same way but now it seems to be getting out of hand because they have met at various functions where people would expect them to exchange pleasantries and all they do is turn blind eye to each other.A Particular Story is trending and it has to do with the Last time J Slught and Stunna met at Kool FM. Stunna was rounding up with his interview,On his way out of the Studio after he was done with Premiering his first single from his 10 tracks album “Love Letters and HeartBreak” , J Slught came into the Studio, as he was getting ready for his turn to Premiere his New Song Sarafina, that is how Stunna unexpectedly reached out to him to say hello but since J Slught had no idea that peace was going to be made at that point, i heard that J Slught gave Stunna cold shoulders. This is really getting bad! because it may graduate from just keeping speech to throwing physical blows someday. Actually, I heard that the management of these Great Singers have decided to put an end to this feud. Let us watch and see if J Slught and Stunna would respect their Labels and Fans and just go back to being brothers.



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