The Liberian Entertainment Industry has a lot to say about this New Generation of Leaders, they are often seen as the New Skool, The Rebels, because they have refused to bow down to the norm by handling things in a way that have never been done or seen before in our Nation. These set of Leaders only project growth in the Industry because with every drop of their sweat and the burning passion in them, rest assures that 2020 would be transformed into a year of series of Epic achievements.

These are the Top 3 Talent Managers to watch out for in 2020:

Benita Urey: She was in the News Last Year for so many things, Some were bad and the good ones impressed us. The 2019 LYA Blogger of the year dived into many endeavours,but there was one she got 100% right and that is to start her own modelling agency. Benita is really using her family influence at MTN Lonestar perfectly well when it comes to her modelling agency IModils, there is hardly no where in the Nation you will turn to that you wouldn’t see the beautiful faces of her models on an MTN Lonestar billboard.

The IModils don’t appear like the regular modelling agency in Liberia because Benita Urey who is the CEO also doubles as the creative director for the agency and every photo shoot you see or music video you see her models in has a drop of her creative skills. If there was an award for most outstanding modelling agency for 2019, it would have gone to Benita’s agency.

ALPHA BAH: This guy is a Man of style, that’s why when people praise Ezy Pain for being a bluff boy with his Fashion trends, i can always think on this adage “An Apple doesn’t fall far from its tree”. Award Winning Comedian Ezy Pain did the unexpected in 2019, there was really no show that was hosted that Ezy Pain wasn’t called to perform, Would this have happened without Alpha Bah’s extra ordinary managerial skills? Alpha Bah who used to be a Fantastic Model and he is currently in the league of Liberia’s most respected bloggers, took an untouched path of managing comedians when everyone only felt the goldmine was in managing musicians.

Did you attend Ezy Pain’s year end comedy show? if you didn’t then you really missed out on so much fun, the show was totally sold out. On that day, if you were at the show, you wouldn’t believe a Liberian Event could be that smooth and Classy, all thanks to Alpha Bah who was up and down to make sure we had more than what we paid for.

Samuel ‘Slim’ Wuraola: The J Slught you know today is not the J Slught you knew when he was still with his Former Manager, from most people’s testimonies J Slught‘s New brand is one of the best things that happened in 2019. Power changed hands and Samuel ‘Slim’ Wuaraola who is a Media guru became the thinking cap for Beevonne Recordz, the Label that is responsible for everything J Slught and of recent the GI Jerk Crooner Muzikal and Afro Soul Act Kandyce also became signed artistes to the winning team. Samuel is one Manager that is all about Business and not Fame, he is barely in the News like other managers that consider themselves Superstars like their artist, very disciplined, a workaholic: A result driven personality.

In a short run, Beevone Recordz became the most structured record label in Liberia, with every branch of expertise that a standard record label should have. Beevonne Recordz has a lot to boast about under the great leadership of Samuel ‘Slim’ Wuraola, In 2019 Beevonne Recordz signed a Music Distribution deal with world’s biggest distribution company called The Orchard(A subsidiary of Sony Music).2020 could only be greater for this young manager has he crosses more boundaries with the Label.


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