Do you know the issue i have with Cralorboi? The basic fact that he doesn’t know how to extend his brand to occupy more greatness, Just because his career managed to reach to the height of Mount Wologosi has made him forget that he can become as mighty as Mount Everest which is the greatest mountain in the world. This thing called “Growth” doesn’t have full stop, but since our man Cralorboi became a Superstar the only Car he has is the one Lonestar Cell MTN gave him, it is three years now brother, So you can’t at least buy another car from your own pocket? Or you are waiting for Lonestar Cell MTN to keep spoon feeding you? This is 2020, you shouldn’t wait for Lonestar Cell MTN to take you on tour before you move your feet to say you are reaching out to your fans across the country. Megastars in other countries have multiple endorsement deals, for the fact that your brand can’t at least attract another endorsement deal, don’t you think your market value is very poor?

The 1994 Album could have made you so much millions because it’s a Masterpiece, the International collaboration you had on it was impressive but you couldn’t ride on it to benefit your brand financially, you were just satisfied with airplay and at the level that you are in Liberia, Airplay is an automatic part of your career, so doing music for just airplay is like you eating up leaves from a tree when you should be eating the fruits. We are still waiting to see music videos from songs you did with Aramide, Mzvee and Medikal, you were so close to being International but sadly you only did collaborations for the sake of it because your PR on those songs has no weight and you have not been able to cross over into the foreign market of those you featured. You are a Megastar and this is 2020, you need to go across Africa with your sound, you need to perform in other African countries this year also, Aren’t you sick of only being a Liberian Local Champion? As a Kolopop star you need to take the koloqua and the Liberian sound out there, If our culture is not being embraced by other Nationalities then your music is not making any impact at all, because the quickest way to sell the Liberian Culture is through Entertainment and as a Megastar entertainer CIC your people are depending on you to make that breakthrough. Will you let them down?

Commander In Chief, the only thing we see growing in front of you is your big stomach, your music is good but please we need your brand to grow, please let it extend too.You are not yet Old don’t let your achievements make you lazy, you still have a long way to go, Stop acting like one old legend.




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