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Susan was in neighbor’s flat when Remy had called her on the phone that she was around, her apartment was small; a single room and living room with a tiny kitchen with small bathroom and toilet. But she had furnished the house to her taste, she wondered what could be the problem for Remy to come over this sunny afternoon because they did not make arrangement to meet today. She had given Remy a spare key to the apartment so Remy had full access to Susan house. She opened the door and found Remy frowning at her.


‘Where did you go to?’ Remy snapped her question.


Susan dragged the stool and sat down before considering Remy’s question.


‘I was in my neighbor’s place trying to……she started and then paused again and looked at Remy thoughtfully.


‘Why are you frowning and what bring you here on a sunny afternoon?’ She asked instead.


‘I’m depressed.’ She groaned.


Susan burst out laughing; she laughed so hard tears were falling from her eyes which made Remy even frown more.


‘What’s funny?’ Can’t I be depressed?’ she snapped


Susan stopped laughing and faced Remy squarely

‘No you can’t be.’ She replied. Why are you even depressed?’ She asked confused


Remy stopped frowning and smacked her lips looking at Susan without saying anything

‘Well, are you going to say something?’Susan asked throwing her hands up in the air.


Remy looked at Susan and started chewing on her lips slowly, she knew the reason why she was frowning was petty and stupid but she needed somebody to calm her down and that person was Susan.

‘Well; she started slowly. ‘I saw Kevin with another girl on instagram.’ she said quickly this time.

Susan hissed and stood up to go into the kitchen to pour some cereal to munch, she already knew the reason why Remy would be  frowning would be stupid but she didn’t think it will be this stupid.

Remy has been crushing on Kevin since she saw at the trade fair market in school and since then she has been doing everything possible for Kevin to notice her but he didn’t take the hint.

She came back to the living took and found Remy scrolling through her phone,  Susan sat down and snatched the phone away from her hand.

‘Why did you do that?’ She cried

Susan rolled her eyes at her ‘because it feels like I have to knock some senses into you’.

‘Why? Is it because of what I said?’ She asked pouting


Yes, its because of what you said.’ Susan replied taking a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

The room became quiet all of a sudden nobody saying anything the only sound coming was from the cereal Susan was chewing noisily.

‘I think you should you find a new crush, because this one does not seem to be interested in you.’ Susan said softly.

Remy burst into crocodile tears, ‘but I like him.’ She said with tears.

Susan smiled, she knew Remy too well and what she wanted she was going to give it to her.

‘Why are you even pining over a guy that is not even handsome. Susan started fiercely.”you are Remy Matthews for crying out loud you can get any guy with just the snap of your fingers.’

Remy wiped the tears away from her and smiled. ‘I am Remy Matthews and I can get anybody I want’. She said with pride.

Susan beamed with laughter and went to hug Remy.

‘Now that’s the spirit.’

Remy smiled and stood up, all the talking and crying had made her become hungry so she made her way into the kitchen to get cereal for herself.

Susan sat up and finished the rest of her cereal glad that the Kevin’s topic was closed for now. She reached for the television remote to turn it on so she could watch one of her favorite shows tangled. She glanced at Remy who came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of cereal.

Remy grinned at her and balanced herself beside Susan so they could watch the show together.

They sat in comfortable silence enjoying the show together.

‘My parents postponed their coming back home so I want to throw a party.’ Remy said after a while.

‘ can we just enjoy this show first before we start talking about throwing a party.’ Susan pleaded.

Remy burst into laughter and snuggled closer to Susan. She was going to allow her enjoy the show after the show party discussion next.



Jeff was seated in the sitting room flipping through the channels on the television, his girlfriend of three months had just broken up with him and he can’t say he was devasted because he wasn’t. He yawned noisily and dropped the remote beside him. Lily his girlfriend was clingy and she has broken up with him she found some chats with random girls on his phone.

Jeff chewed the side of his lips thoughtfully, he needed someone he can just hang out with, with no strings attached. He closed his eyes and sighed, he thought about the girl he just use to while his time and his mind went to Susan; he has the hots for Susan but he can’t do anything because she is friend with the whole family. He thought angrily. The door opened and Remy came in looking all stressed and tired.

‘Where are you coming from?’ He asked eyeing her.

Remy came closer and sat down beside him, she removed her shoes and placed her legs on Jeff’s thighs.

‘Please help me massage my legs.’ She said instead.

Jeff looked at her and hissed, he was protective of his sister; he made an attempt to remove her legs from his thighs.

‘Please’ she pleaded. ‘I’m coming from Susan’s place.’

Jeff smiled and started massaging her legs.

Susan…. Jeff thought smiling to himself; the beautiful angelic Susan. And he can’t wait to get down there with her. he thought grinning again.

Remy eyed him and hissed ‘is it the thought of Susan that is making you smile and grin to yourself?’

He looked at her sharply and opened his mouth to talk but Remy interrupted him.

‘ I know you have the hots for my bestie,’ and don’t even bother asking how I got to know.’

Jeff hands had already stopped massaging her legs, he was dumbfounded.

‘Please don’t stop massaging it.’ She said and reached for his hands to continue.

Jeff sighed and continued with what he was doing this time he was slow.

‘ well, since you know now, can you at least help me talk to her?’ He asked

Remy removed her legs from his thighs and stood up

‘ I will talk to her.’ She said and left for her room.

Jeff clapped his hands gleefully ‘you are the beat sister in the world.’ He shouted for her to hear.

Now he can go to bed and have a wonderful dream.






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