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It’s been a while since DenG made the news. And to be factual, the last time he did, it wasn’t in such good light.
Now, instead of DenG to bask in the euphoria of his fame he’s getting carried away by the free studio sessions and time he’s getting. Recently DenG released a song titled “Joana” the song has the normal DenG vibe with nothing new or surprising. To make matters worse he used a J Martin and DJ Arafat beat. DenG at his level shouldn’t be found wanting in that aspect. What happened to all the Dope producers we have In the industry. DenG wants to keep shoving his songs in our throat and I don’t think this is a great move for someone who has had a taste of fame or how it feels like to be a superstar.

You see, the problem with this move of back to back releases is the fact that DenG is trying hard to fashion a comeback. He tried it with his recent song with BoiFatty– indeed that one caught our attention a bit having that he featured one of the rave of the moment but we really didn’t care because it’s been like a dusty while since DenG actually pulled off a hit.

What is expected of DenG right now is to finally take a back seat and channel all his resources into birthing a starlet whose only objective would be to takeover. But no, the Kemah hit maker has refused to chill. Just so we do not stretch this point too long, someone needs to tell DenG to stop! He really needs to stop. He just needs to give it all up. He needs to take a backseat and start charting a new industry course from the background. Because the truth is, if we’re to go by the present scheme of things, that’s where his input would be valued the most. It would be impossible for DenG to make a revered spot on any list right now, definitely not with his new strategy of putting out wack songs.

By now, DenG should be well positioned in the industry not just as an executive, but as one who has traversed the lengths and breadths of it. With his experience, contacts and influence Deng needs to use that as an advantage to benefit himself and other young artistes trying to come up. He should be doling out his honest Abe opinions on how systems in the industry should operate based on experience. He should be schooling the younger generation and exposing them to the outside World about music labels and record deal signings, how to entice brands for endorsement deals, and strategies for penetrating the international market. Stuffs like that. It’s about time he free this music and studio hustle for the likes of CIC, C Jay, Stunna, J Slught Mr Parbai, Nuchie Meek and so on. It’s their time now. He can’t be running with them, instead he should be watching them run and ensure they come out on top.

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