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“Are you sure you don’t want to follow me to the club tonight?” Remy asked her best friend.

Susan wrinkled her nose in disgust at the dress Remy told her to wear.


Remy and Susan had been friends since their primary school days when Susan had saved Remy from a bully because she was a rich kid;since then Remy and susan had become inseparable. Even when Susan had lost her parents to the cold hands of death through accident, Remy’s family had stayed with Susan throughout the ordeal because Susan had been the only child of her parents so Susan considered Remy’s family her own family too.


“Susie,” Remy called her fondly. “Why don’t you want to come to the club with me?”


Susan sat down on the bed beside her and rolled her eyes thoughtfully.


“You know I’m not the party girl and I find clubbing kind of boring”


“I know, but its our last day in school before we graduate and we need to catch some fun” Remy said pouting. “Besides who is going to be there anytime I start misbehaving”


Susan laughed, “don’t worry the whole class is going to be there and Douglas the guy that is crushing on you won’t allow anything to happen to you”.


Remy sighed and looked at Susan thoughtfully, and she knew she was right, Douglas will not allow anything to happen to her.


” so what will you be doing?”


“Well” susan sighed thinking of what she will be doing.


“I will finish reading the novels I borrowed from the library”.


“What a boring way to spend the rest of the day” Remy sighed and stood up from the bed and made her way into her walk-in closet. Her parents are rich and influential so everything she needed was at her beck and call. She shuffled through the clothes there to find the perfect dress for the club, she was going to the club because her long time crush is also going to be there and she needed to look sexy for him.


“What do you think about this dress?” She asked facing Susan holding the dress up.


Susan studied the black off shoulder dress with glitters on it.


“It is fine” she said slowly


She eyed Susan from where she was standing “of course it is fine”. ” I mean is the dress a killer dress?”


Susan grinned and nodded her head and whatever she was about to say was cut short because of the knock that sounded at the door


“Yes” Remy answered frowning.


The door opened and her elder brother Jeff poked his head inside.


“Hey guys, mom and dad is asking after you guys”.


” good afternoon to you too.” Remy said sarcastically


Jeff grinned at the both of them and walked out of the bedroom.

“Jerk.” Susan muttered.


Remy dropped the dress she was holding and wore her flips.


“Let’s go see what my parents want,we are coming back to find the IT dress” she said.


“Yes captain”. Susan said smiling.



Susan was staring at the ceiling of Remy’s bedroom, she was alone in the room and Remy was probably half way drunk by now she thought shaking her head, she sighed and rolled to change her position again, the book she was reading fell down from her chest;

Remy’s parents had called for her to say they were travelling for a business merger and would not be back until Tuesday so Remy and Jeff had the whole week to themselves, she closed her tight and thought of the happy times when her parents were still alive before the accident now she was all alone.

Though she is always thanking God for Remy and her family, they have been there for her except the brother of course. She remembered her high school days when she was crushing on Jeff but the crush had died the instant she heard he had almost slept with all the girls in college.

She hissed when remembered the way he sometimes looks at her. If not for  Remy she would have put him in his place.

She thought about Remy again and all her fuss getting dressed up to go to the club. She had finally picked a cream crop top and short skirt for the night.

She turned and switched off the bed side lamp so she could finally settle in and sleep thinking and hoping that Remy won’t get wasted and hopes she enjoys her night.



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