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Emmanuel Quiah
Emmanuel Quiah

Emmanuel Quiah alias E-Q is a Liberian artist based in the state of Arizona, USA. Born in a refugee camp in Freetown-Sierra Leone and at his tender age, E-Q lost his beloved father during the Liberian civil war.
But this sad and terrible incident did not stop him from dreaming about his career as a musical artist. Fortunately, he along with his mother and three siblings migrated to the US as refugees -where he’s now endeavoring to validate and perfect his dream.

Emmanuel Quiah (EQ) – Change

In his new environment, this highly gifted and promising talent took to the guitar and began blending his voice with the rhythm of his guitar. Most part of the day he would play songs for hours upon hours and create different Afro-Pop beats just to come up with something unique. As he continues this effort he became very productive in creating more and more vibes, most of which are Afro-Pop songs blended with stylish European tone. His two mentors (Eric Clapton and Tommy Emmanuel) are folks who really inspired him into the world of writing meaningful and inspiring songs. While trying to be a good songwriter and a star it was very, very challenging and difficult for him. Many folks including his peers criticized him a lot, that he cannot beat his way through such a tough and difficult world of music. But E-Q remained focus and determined and today he is gradually becoming a Center-Piece.

Emmanuel Quiah
Emmanuel Quiah

This prolific songwriter continues to bring new dynamism to the music game and from all indications, he’s prone to becoming the next King of Afro-Pop Songs in Africa, as his silky voice continues to expand his fan-base.

E-Q has written several songs, some of which include, Marry Me, Stick Around, Change, Blow My Mind, and interestingly these songs are cutting across the music landscape in the US and other parts of the world. No doubt. The world MUST watch out for him!

He can be contacted at: Emmanuel Quiah on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

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