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Susan was sitting outside looking at the way everyone was indulging themselves in one act or another, she scanned the crowd and realized she didn’t even know half of them but everyone came because it was Remy that organized the party and she was pretty sure this is the first time some of her classmates would be coming to her house. She sighed and drank out of her fruit juice the only nonalcoholic drink at the party which she had clearly forced Remy to get.

Throughout the arrangement and planning of the party she had listen to Remy complain and nag about what her parents did to her. She smiled and remembered her own parents; how she missed them everyday,especially her mom. She reminisced on the good days they had spent together before they died and wished they were still alive to see their baby girl grow. She thought sadly.

‘Hi.’ Kevin greeted.

Susan jumped almost spilling her drink; ‘ you don’t sneak up on people like that.’ She said frowning.

He winced, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.’

Susan settled down and adjusted herself looking at the person that came to interrupt her thoughts.

‘Damm, he is handsome.’ She thought. but his face looks familiar and she could not place where she knew him from. When she saw that she was staring too much she looked away which made Kevin smiled.

‘Do you need something?’ She asked without looking at him.

‘Uh-uh-uh,’ he started to say but paused again to think again.

Susan glanced at him and rolled her eyes wondering what was wrong with him. ‘Probably another random guy with raging hormones.’ She thought.

‘Can I get you something to drink?’

She rolled her eyes at him and raised her cup in response.

Kevin suddenly became hot and speechless, he didn’t know what to say again so he tried another tactic instead.

‘I was bored, and I didn’t want to come to this party but my friends forced me to.’

She sighed. ‘That makes two of us.’

‘You didn’t want to come, but the party is holding in your house.’ He said with amusement.

‘Its a long story.’ She said and took another sip out of her drink.

‘Hmmm,’ ‘I’m Kevin.’

‘Kevin, Kevin,’ Susan whispered trying to figure out where she has heard the name before.

She gasped and widened her eyes in surprise facing him. Remy was always saying his name every single time and she had showed his picture to her once or twice but she wasn’t paying attention then.

‘Kevin the jerk.’ She said nodding her head. ‘No wonder your face was looking familiar.’

‘What?’ He asked frowning. ‘You know me from somewhere?’

‘Remy was always trying to get your attention, and you were not giving it her so I just added jerk to your name.’ She explained.

‘Oh, Remy told you about me?’

‘Duh, I’m her best friend.’ ‘What do you expect?’

‘Well, I can explain what happened between myself and Remy.’

Susan stood and drank the rest of her juice and faced him; now she saw why Remy was so stuck up on him. He is one handsome lad. She thought.

‘Well I don’t want to listen to your explanation.’ She said and started walking away.

‘You can at least tell me your name.’ He shouted at her receding back.

‘Enjoy the rest of the party.’ She answered without looking back.

‘That went well’ he said and went in search for his friends again. It was definitely time to go home.


Kevin laid down on his bed and let his mind think back to today’s event, he had driven his friends home and they were both drunk. But his mimd went back to his encounter with Susan. How he wished she didn’t have any connection to Remy. He smiled as he remembered the way her eyes lit up when she remembered who he was. ‘Damm Remy.’ He thought.

He didn’t even like Remy that was why he didn’t give her an audience when she was trying to come closer. He wondered what Remy would have told Susan about him. But he didn’t even care if Remy had said all the bad things about him. He liked Susan and he was going to be her friend.

He changed his sleeping posture and tried getting some sleep but it just wasn’t forthcoming. He smiled again as he pictured Susan’s face in his head. Thank God he knew where she was staying now. He yawned and finally closed his eyes to sleep with Susan image in his head.


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