Sammi Caine
Sammi Caine

It’s another week and another day. Guess who we have as our Man Crush Monday (MCM)? Sammi Caine; a R&B and soul artist. He is a Liberian musician and is based in the Republic of Liberia. He was signed with Floyd Nation, but now with Money&Salvation Music. This guy has a unique style and a lot of passion for what he does.

Sammi Caine has contributed to the music industry in so many ways. Songs made by him are amazing. His style and ways of singing are beyond the ordinary. It is amusing to hear him sing.

He has made several songs; MOOD, SHUT UP, LATE, BLOW MY MIND, TRAP ORGY etc. He hit the spotlight when he sang the song; FEW DRINKS in 2018 with some other top musicians. Trust me when I say it was a hit, indeed it was.

Sammi Caine
Sammi Caine

Amongst his songs, Sammi Caine IN MY FEELINGS song was quite different from what he normally offers. He was inspired by love when he was recording this song. Don’t think too much, guys. That love was from him just being in his feelings.

Sammi Caine
Sammi Caine

Sammi Caine is known for his lyrical prowess. People relate to his songs, because they narrate things that happens on a daily basis. He is loved by his fans. He comes through with spanking songs. This guy is in the habit of surprising us at the least expected time. When he does it, it becomes a bomb.

Ladies and gentlemen, our MCM


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