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Susan tossed and tossed round the bed, she couldn’t sleep; still relieving her conversation with Remy. She tuned again and check the time and saw it was reading 4:30am in the morning. She looked at Remy where she slept peacefully and frowned why would Remy suggest she should date her brother.


‘Jeff .’ she thought disgusted. She tried conjuring up the image of she and Jeff together but it was not working.


Remy had also mention Eli to her and she was surprised because the Remy she  knows won’t even hear the guy out. She had wanted to tell her about Kevin but she couldn’t, she feared her reaction.

She sighed and turned again and tried sleeping again but it was to no avail. She replayed their conversation in her head.


‘You need a boyfriend.’ Remy started.


She had looked at her like she was crazy, ‘did you just think about this just now?’


Remy nodded her head, ‘I’ve been thinking about this for some time now.’


‘Well thank you for thinking about it for me but I don’t need one now.’


Remy rolled her eyes ‘you need a boyfriend and  that boy is going to be my brother.’


Susan frowned when she made that statement. She looked at Remy sleeping shape beside her again and wondered why Remy would even suggest she should date her brother knowing Jeff was a chronic womanizer.


She yawned and rubbed her eyes together, she glanced at the bedside clock and saw it was already 5:00 in the morning. She turned to lie down to catch some sleep and revisit she and Remy’s conversation in the morning.


And she laid down to a fitful sleep.



Susan eyes fluttered open, she yawned noisily, she rubbed her eyes with her hands to keep her awake, she sat up on the bed she saw the other side where Remy had slept was empty.


She frowned, it was unlike Remy to wake up early; she yawned again and glanced at the alarm clock and

Widened her eyes at the time. It was almost getting to noon.


‘Remy’ she called and she didn’t get any response.

She finally gathered strength to get up from the bed.


She made her way into the living room in search for Remy and when she didn’t see her there she thought hat she had gone home.


Her stomach growled telling that she was hungry and she quickly went into the bathroom to shower and brush her teeth.

She was styling her hair when she heard the front door open.


‘Who is there?’ She asked loud enough for the person to hear surprised that Remy didn’t lock the door on her way out.


She stopped what she was doing and stood up to see who entered.

She stopped in  her tracks when she saw Remy carrying two food bags.


‘Chill, its just me.’ She said chuckling.

Susan gave her a stern look and went to sit on one of the sofa.


‘What’s that?’ She asked pointing at the food bags Remy was holding.


Remy dropped her sling bag and went to sit down bringing out the food from the bag she was carrying.

‘It was Eli that called me this morning and asked me to meet him at starlight diner.’


Starlight diner, the most popular diner in their school district.


‘And you couldn’t wake me up when you were going.’

‘I didn’t want to disturb your sleep.’ She said rolling her eyes. Susan raised a brow at Remy telling her she did not buy the sweet act she was playing at.


‘Anyways he was sweet enough to get us breakfast.’ She continued. She opened one pack of food and  gave Susan the other pack and they ate in silence.

‘The food is actually nice.’ Susan said when she was done eating.


‘I know right.’ Remy said grinning from ear to ear.


‘Thank him for me when next you see him, at least he saved me the stress of cooking this morning.’

Remy smiled and looked at her mischievously, ‘one of the reasons why you need a man in your life.’


‘We are not talking about my relationship status. She groaned.




‘Because I don’t want to.’


Remy opened her mouth to say something but she kept quiet again.


Susan sighed and stood up to make her way into the bedroom.


‘I know you don’t want to get close to anybody right now that’s why I said you and my brother should date.’ Remy said trying her brother’s luck again.

Susan stopped in her stride and faced Remy.


‘I can’t date your brother.’ She said

trying to sound calm.


‘Why can’t you date my brother?’ She asked frustrated already.


Susan just kept mute trying to keep her wits together without getting angry at Remy.


‘At least my brother is not that bad.’ She said defending him


‘I can’t and won’t date your brother so please stop trying to matchmake us together,though I am still even trying to wrap my head around you suggesting this.’


‘But….Remy started to say but Susan interrupted her.


‘I love you for caring but you just have to stop.’

She turned to leave but glanced at Remy and said  sternly. ‘Whenever I am ready to date you will be first to know.’ And with that she left for the bedroom slamming the door in her wake.


Hi guys… Thank you Soo much for reading my book and I am so sorry for just posting an update. I’ve been pretty busy. Please don’t forget vote and comment. Thank  you and one love.

Book done by: @nikepo

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