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Happenings in the industry are many and our job is to identify them and bring you the most interesting ones. In discussing them, we bring you facts. There are some artists who pop up in the music game, and within a short period of time they lost fame, become unpopular, or distance themselves from music for reasons unknown. There are several musicians who people presumed that they were actually going to take the industry to another level, but those artists only prove themselves a year or even less than a year. In today’s article, we will look at four artists who came to light for a short period and made no impact:

1. Margas

Margas became known after he was featured on “Polaruh” by Christoph in 2016. “Polaruh” was a hit that played both in and out of Liberia. Margas was an underground artist at the time, but from his well composed lyrics and punchlines on the song, people believed that he is actually good and will definitely help to push the industry forward. While people were vibing to “Polaruh“, within no time, Christoph and Margas released their “panda” freestyle which also became a hit. From that freestyle, people were now convinced that another Hipco giant (Margas) is in the game. It is believed that Christoph prepared the way for Margas, created the avenue for Margas to get connected with other top artists and gave him a chance to prove himself. Even though Margas has featured and also been featured by so many top artists, but he’s considered to be a slothful musician when it comes to getting his own project done. Dropping a project is quite difficult for him; when he even does it, he’s featuring someone else. I’m not saying that Margas doesn’t have songs that he alone did but it’s difficult. Yes, Christoph was the reason Margas became known. But for now, Margas is proving to us that without Christoph he can not made his own name. Has Margas single ever played as compared to “Polaruh“? Has the rapper release single recently? Did Margas ever produce a hit song? The answer to all of these questions is no! Margas is no more in the picture like before. He’s now struggling to catch up with a pleasing flow that Liberians will vibe to, but seems to be extremely difficult for the rapper.

2. Homeboy Jethro

Is Homeboy Jethro really a musician? or only has that musician name attached to him because he did few songs? The name Homeboy Jethro is only known to people who have been following the music industry for a long time. There are some people who are not destined to be a musician, but they put themselves into it because they have all necessary resources and a concrete connection with DJs, radio announcers, bloggers and etc. When you hear the name Homeboy Jethro, what song comes to your mind? I don’t want to speak for everyone, but many entertainment lovers will only scratch their heads and end up saying nothing. Say no to favoritism because it will only allow you to promote someone who will make no impact in moving the industry forward and leaving the real talented people out. Sad! It’s so disheartening to be a musician who doesn’t have played songs before we say a hit song. It’s glaring that music can not help Homeboy Jethro; in fact, Homeboy Jethro being a musician is just a meager occupation. If having the best of bloggers, DJs, promoters and radio announcers as your friend could made you a hit artist, then Homeboy Jethro should be one of the  best artists right now because he has it all, but your flow is the key. The late Quincy B even contributed terrifically promoting him, but he’s failing to overcome his inertia. The artist only became known because of his connection with the late Quincy B(may his soul rest in perfect peace). When QB met his demise, that put an end to Homeboy Jethro music career.

3. Moshe P

Looking at Moshe P‘s story, you will want to believe that some musicians prefer being an underground artist than to see the light. At the time no one knew Moshe P, he was rapping from one block to another and I think he feels comfortable doing that. After a long time of doing that, he luckily came in contact with Christoph who also fell in love with his flow and decided to promote him. Within no time, CTC started to promote him by dropping freestyle of them on social media. On March 11, 2018, Christoph dropped a freestyle of two of them in a vehicle. Many people applauded Christoph for his gesture of promoting upcoming artists. April 11th of the same year they did another dope freestyle and Moshe P spit real hot bars in it. Christoph thought just dropping freestyle video to promote Moshe P wasn’t enough, he took Moshe P to the studio and did a song that same year (2018) tagged “Hungry” and another one titled “I’m a Runner“. That was CTC‘s way of promoting Moshe P. Trust me, any serious minded upcoming artist had such an opportunity they would have made good use of it to to make impact positively. Most underground artists nowadays only wanting to feature a top artist to get their way clear, but Moshe P had it and misused it. It was alleged that he even he insulted Christoph and broke away from MEMG. Moshe P is one of the reasons people have the saying that “Liberians are quick to be satisfied”. He wasn’t even promoted enough, but feels that he has already made it in the music game. Moshe P went to the extent of allegedly stabbing an AFL guy reason for which he was incarcerated. He also insulted others who had interest in promoting him. Moshe P is one of the artists no one finds interest in talking about, many people do not even know his where about these days. Since he became known as a musician, the artist doesn’t even have a single (I stand to be corrected). He’s an artist who has a very low fan base, so event planners don’t even think of inviting him to an event because it’s going to be a waste of money when he gets paid. With the exception of Christoph who made him known a lil bit and Feouls who featured him in a song that was done last year but came out early January, many artists do not find pleasure in working with Moshe P. The artists has to work extremely hard if he wants to come back in the game, or maybe he’s just a Ghetto rapper.

4. Yung Classic

Yung Classic is another musician who is always blaming DJs, promoters, and his counterparts for his misfortune. Instead of him working harder to improve his flow, he’s always giving unnecessary reasons for him not winning an award. He habitually shift blames by saying that it’s because he’s not interested in their devilish activities that’s why entertainers are trying to bring him down. Classic is not someone who is consistently dropping hit to compete for an award. Since his hit song tagged “Nico” in 2016, Classic have put in no time to get other good works done. “Nico” was a great hit that played every part of Liberia, that was an opportunity for Classic to get to another level, but he felt relaxed and turned it down. With just one hit song, Classic feels that he’s a star enough, so all he does is to womanize, visit entertainment centers every night, have his trouser way beneath his butt, and ignore writing good songs. If you love music the best, it should be your first priority, but in Classic’s mind it’s the opposite. He prefers to engage himself into numerous activities that’s not elevating him. Nowadays, Yung Classic sounds more wack than many underground rappers. Top producers are not pleased to even give Yung Classic the mic, so the artist doesn’t bother himself to go to them. If an artist will one day blow, you will know from his flow. Yung Classic should try something else instead of music; or else, he will regret it in the near future.

To end this, let us know that these guys are risking their future. All of them have already abandoned school for music that they are not making progress in. In the future, if these guys are not getting what they need, they will now become vulnerable to engage themselves into anything that will give them money just to have life going. It’s not good to be static in life, you should be innovative enough; if what you have interest in the most fail you, you will have other things to back you up. That’s life. Education pays! It’s not because you claimed to be a musician, so you should quit school. There are other great musicians with degree such as 2face, Tiwa Savage, Banky W, KO and even Davido. For the fact that you are not a better musician doesn’t mean that you can not be good in something else.

So Lets’s Hear From You, What Do You Think We Can Do To Revive Them Back To The Industry?
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