We can boastfully say Liberian music industry is on another level, but it wouldn’t have changed if it wasn’t for such a brilliant work done by our producers. Liberian producers are putting in more time than ever before, and their objectives is to make Liberian music well known in other parts of the world. In today’s article, we will look at five producers that will move the industry forward this 2020.

1. Kellzbeatz

Alfred Giwueze alias Kellzbeatz is a promising Liberian producer and Singer. Kellzbeatz started to build interest in the music game particularly being a producer over a year ago. We all know to reach to the top is not an easy task; There will be lots of criticisms and bullying, but that doesn’t bother him. Kellzbeatz gave himself ample time to practice in order to fulfill his dream and motivate himself as well. By January 23, 2016, he posted on his Facebook page: “Don’t let anybody kill your dreams by giving you all sorts of criticism. It can only be delayed but it will surely come to pass”. As time goes by, people began to get familiar with his name. As of 2019 to present, He started to produce good songs for so many top artists including TeddyRide’s song titled “Pray for Me”; Deng‘s song titled “Loyalty Chamo”; Jzyno ft TeddyRide, song titled “Kpan kpan me”; Feouls’, song titled “Happy”.

2. Flexzzbeatz

Flexzzbeatz is a music producer at DMG Records since March 1, 2010 to present. since his coming into the music game, there have been lots of difficulties, but through his tireless efforts, he has overcome many of them. Flexzzbeatz has contributed to many of the hit songs in the industry since 2019 to present. He has marketed himself in such a way that many artists have gained great respect for him, and really love working with him. Right now he is known as producer of hitz. Flexzzbeatz aslo contributed a lot to Boifatty‘s success in the industry; he produced many of Boifatty‘s hit songs including: Liquor good, Kill Dem, Shut up, In the ragga, and the list goes on. Back in February this year Flexzzbeatz won the TLMA “Producer of the year”. This shows that the producer is on a whole new level. Other great artists the innovative producer have worked includes: PCK & L’Frankie, Muzikal, TeddyRide, Deng, and many more…

3. Duke Blac

Harold Teah (born December 1, 1994), commonly known as Duke Blac, is a Liberian music producer. He graduated from St Mary’s Catholic School in 2014, and started focusing on what he has passion for. Duke Blac is the producer and CEO of Groove music Worldwide. The prolific producer’s dream is to be the number one producer in the country, so he’s working in a possible means to get himself there. Duke Blac believes that just producing songs and don’t know all aspect of the production of songs doesn’t really make you a producer, so he decided to go to Nigeria and attended the Tenstrings Music Institute. Duke Blac has contributed immensely to many hit songs in the industry including “Ma Deddeh” by Pascal featuring Christoph, “Weekend” by CIC featuring Iyanya, “911” by Stunna, “Big papa” by CIC, “Quick Quick” by Davero featuring Jaredo, and the list goes on. He also contributed as one of the producers of the most talked about J Slught EP, titled “Home and Beyond”. This tells you that this year is going to be another successful year for the fruitful producer.

4. Dj Magiic

Cyrus L. Barbus (born May 25,1995), also known as Dj Magiic is a young Liberian producer who hails from Vonjama, Lofa county. Since his appearance in the music game, he has always been consistent when it comes to producing dope Trapco songs. Dj Magiic is the producer and CEO of his own record “Dj Magiic Dynasty“. Within his team, there are so many Artists including Smithzzy whose EP (Collateral Damage) he (Dj Magiic) produced few months ago. The EP consists of eight songs. For the vast knowledge he has in producing songs, Multi talented Trapco Rapper Barsee Mocopala trusted him to produce his first major project, the Kra Kay 1 album. Dj Magiic is the only producer in Liberia to have produced twenty songs (20) in one album, by one artist (Barsee), and no Feature. The versatile producer has worked with many top Trapco rapper including: Barsee Mocopala, Nasty D, Randy D, and the list goes on. with all of this, you don’t need a seer to tell you that this year will be great for the producer.

5. T. Ross

Terrence T. Boimah (November 19, 1996), commonly known by his poduction name T. Ross is a young Liberian producer who started the game since 2017. He is one of the reasons many underground artists are becoming well known. The producer is currently basing in Duazon, Robertfield Highway where many Artists prefer going to for quality music. T. Ross is a member and the producer at Jaco Flo Records. He Has worked with many top producers including Benny Soundz whom he said is his role model, Kizzy W, StoneLuck Shine, and Lil Jay. T. Ross is actually new but his willingness to learn new things is exceptional. Few top musicians that he has worked with includes: AK, Revoluxon, Nuchie Meek.

Howbeit, the above names mentioned are producers that you need no one to tell you that they have brought and will continue to bring lot of changes in the music industry. Their presence have led to so many hitz that are playing in and out of Liberia. Kudos to you guys and continue to put in more efforts.

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