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In present day reality, there is no doubt that song is a universal language that speaks to the soul of mankind.  And this week 6 songs are in every way no exception to that phrase when it comes to listening too.

One might ask the big question “Why”?

The ‘Why” are, these songs are filled with lively melodies, catchy lyrics and a lot of humor. These songs express true love, personal life experience and portray how one has been hated and betrayed.

Filled with inspirations and motivations, it is no secret that these songs are able to cheer up a whole crowd and make everyone want to dance all night.

Thus, this is the main reason why they are played and should be listen to. The songs are unique, the lyrics are frantic and upbeat nevertheless carry important messages.

What distinguishes these songs from others is their ability of spreading such important reflections with humor and positivity. Moreover, they could uplift anyone mood up in less than two seconds

There are more Librarian songs that are as perfect as these ones but it will be only a few lists of songs every week to spice up your days.

Below is the list of songs with the name of each artist:

  1. Kizzy W- La Force

Download “DOWNLOAD” Kizzy-W-La-Force-Freestyle.mp3 – Downloaded 5797 times – 4 MB

2.  CIC Feat. L’Drez-Baby

Download “DOWNLOAD” CIC-Feat.-LDrez-–-Baby-Prod.-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 9117 times – 4 MB

3. JB D’ General Feat. Pious – Blind Loyalty

Download “DOWNLOAD” JB-DGeneral-Feat.-Pious-Blind-Loyalty-Prod.-Kellz-Beat.mp3 – Downloaded 9472 times – 5 MB

4.  Stunna Feat. Barsee – Her Engine Oil

Download “DOWNLOAD” Stunna-x-Barsee-Her-Engine-Oil-Prod.-Lil-Jay.mp3 – Downloaded 25353 times – 5 MB

5. J Slught – Mio Ran

Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Mio-Ran-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 5428 times – 5 MB

6. Cassimoney – Money

Download “DOWNLOAD” Cassimoney-Money-Prod.-Stone-Luckshine.mp3 – Downloaded 1686 times – 6 MB

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