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CIC is one of the funniest Lib artists, his level of creativity is very high. every time he comes out with a song, he tries his best to add up something New, something different that will make you laugh , get your head shaking in amusement or get you making the “WOW” reaction like 😲

For the past years, we have known this artist who is with the record label SOG EMPIRE as a Hip-Co artist , but now it is hard to tell the type of artist he really is cause he has now turn into something else, something amazing and he’s just a bit of everything good .

Some of his recent songs will get you concluding he’s now an Afro-Pop artist then boom he starts the Hip-Co thing and you’re like WOW!

CIC does not give you something over and over till you get bored , there’s always something amazingly different , something shockingly beautiful about his sounds and his tone making it difficult to define him.

If you have critically listened to the sound of his tone,and lyrics from his recent song “Baby” featuring L Drez, you will understand the point I’m making .

He’s not just an ordinary artist , his choice of tone and lyrics is just so unique that it attracts you like a charm😊

Some of his fans might just probably be interestingly confused as to how they should refer to him.

CIC having to be one of these many beautiful artists that has added juice to the music world in Lib represents a grim firm of the Liberian music entertainment with his talent and tireless work So yes!!! it’s a big deal we have a great understanding about his Musical career .

Not jumping into any conclusion on my own , I decided to have a chart with CIC himself via my facebook page and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t loved CIC, this will do and if you already love him, his response will get you loving him more.

I actually wrote this before hitting him up for a conclusion and Oh!!!Mine!!!! he took the words straight outta my mouth !!!!! cause these were the exact things I wrote 😲😲😲

CIC’s Response❤🔥
” I believe I’m a type of artist that love trying out new sounds and getting outta the box everytime”
“Let’s say I no longer make music, I pure out feelings 🙄” then he went on by saying , “kolo-pop have always been my genre”❤
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