Takun J, JB SoulFresh, Christoph, Bucky Raw
Takun J, JB SoulFresh, Christoph, Bucky Raw

Every musical industry across the world has certain artist that run the game and become the most famous artist at a particular point in time. Even though there will be other good artistes, but one must be the people’s choice and also be given first preference when it comes to musical activities. Every top show in the country will first have that artiste name as a guest artiste before thinking about any other artiste. If you are having an event and that artiste is not invited, you will have everyone saying that the event was wack; but when he’s invited, the moment he performed the show ends. Becoming the country’s favorite is not as easy as you see it. You have to work vigorously and even have sleepless nights to get at that point. Today, let’s talk about four rappers who became the most talk about at a particular time. They are also great contributors in making Hipco a recognize genre.
Here are the four:

  1. Takun J
Takun J
Takun J

Takun J, also known as the Hipco king, is a rap genius who helped greatly in getting Hipco where it is today. Takun J’s contribution to Hipco is remarkable and it’s something that Liberians will always remember him for. When the Hipco legend was at his peak, he was always the last to perform. After Takun J’s performance, you will see everyone on that event going home because they have met their utility and have no interest in being there. During that time, the Hipco rap legend had other major competitors like Nigger Blow, Lucky Bucky, and Real Nigger that were making Hipco look better. These guys presence were well recognized, but Takun J overshadowed them. The Legend is also an activist who advocate mainly for women’s rights and most of his music addresses social political issues in the country. Due to his constant advocacies,

The Liberian Gender Ministry have him as its Anti Rape Ambassador. Since the artist was being heard through his music, he used that means to send out positive messages. The Hipco pioneer became a part of a music group called magnetic when he was 17 years of age and within no time released his debut single called “We’ll Spay You”. Since then, the artist released lot of stunning tracks that awarded him the country’s favorite. Takun J released two great album and it include “The Time” which was released in 2007 by having “Police Man” as a lead track in the album, and “My Way” which was released in 2012.

Other few songs that the artist used to murdered every shows include Who Make You Cry, My Way, A song for Hawa, Gbagba is Corruption, Six Jue, They Lie To Us, and many more. From Takun J’s contribution, He is considered the king of Hipco.


  1. SoulFresh

Soulfresh is a group that comprises of JB and Shining Man. The duo has played a major role when it comes to giving Hipco recognition. JB and Shining man started with nothing, I mean absolutely with no support, but trusting themselves that they will definitely get what they want.

According to Shining Man when interviewed on KMTV about a year ago, he said JB was a dancer that he got to know from his school (St. Matthew) talent show back then. He also lamented that he only knew JB to be a dancer, but surprisingly that night, he saw JB spitting some bars on the show. So, he(Shining Man) was like this dude is good, and I will love to work with him. Shining Man approached JB that night to discuss his intention; however, it was welcoming and JB finds interest in them working together. After few days, they started to think on what name their team should carry. While thinking, JB came up with the name “Soulfresh” and justified it by saying “music is all about the body and the soul. Music is the soul-food, so musically our soul is fresh”.

Soulfresh has been giving Liberians a lot. After JB and Shining Man come together to become team, they became known after their hit single tagged “Monrovia Scatter“. This song made the group a very popular and well-known group in the country. Soulfresh was being invited to almost every show after that song was released.

From that point upward, the duo started to drop bomb after bomb. Gradually, Soulfresh gained more fame and was love by the country. The duo became to rig every other show like what Takun J did before their coming. Through music, Soulfresh was able to travel to China, advocate for women’s rights, and put fire on politicians back to do the right thing. Soulfresh has been nominated for many awards and won many of them such as the Liberian Music Awards Best Group in 2014. Other hit songs that the duo dropped include Three different men, Drop it & wrap it, In your area, Red bank, Your Grace, Friend indeed, Don’t put me there, and many more.


  1. Christoph 

Christoph The Change, also known as the musical George Weah, is another artiste who has contributed to Hipco by bringing different flavor to the game. Christoph is a vibrant Liberian artiste who is very much consistent in dropping hits every year. The musical George Weah started as a Hip hop artiste, but being farsighted, he understands that Hip hop wouldn’t have permitted him to achieve his goal. So, Christoph quickly switch in order to give majority of the music lovers what they want to hear.

Being an upcoming artiste, you will have to fright with all you can, and never give up if you want to be heard. Many DJs will downplay your songs because they believe that playing it will get the listeners boring, but this didn’t stop the rapper from frightening to get what he wants. However, Christoph dropped lot of nice songs that could make him a prominent artiste, but it was all overlooked.

To get the public attention, the innovative rapper decided to reply the beef track done by Co.Z. In the beef, Co.Z dissed majority of top Liberian rappers, but none couldn’t reply. The Musical George Weah made Liberians to know who he is through the beef as he spit some real bars in coloqua, known as Hipco. Many people started to follow Christoph because of his braveness and the way his flow sounds. Since then, music lovers begin to follow all of his songs, and that led to the rapper being a show killer too. He was now being respected by DJs and event coordinator. Christoph became very expensive and hottest in the city.

CTC, who was striving to escape underground, became the most featured artiste in 2017, won LEA Hipco artiste of the year in 2018, won MLMA Hipco/Trapco artiste of the year in 2019, and many other prestigious awards. Some of his hit songs since he came into light include Gbana Man, Heaven or hell, Hand bag, Rack it shake it, Hold your Polaruh, Woomi, and the list goes on.


  1. Bucky Raw
Bucky Raw
Bucky Raw

Bucky Raw who refers to himself as Bucky Opong is a rapper that cannot be left out of this list. Doing so will just prof your insincerity. Bucky Raw is a Liberian Trapco rapper who was living in the United States and became known from the 2016 Liberia Entertainment Award cypher“. The rapper came in the game with his own genre known as Trapco, and within no time, Liberians captured and fell in love with the genre. Bucky Raw is a multitalented rapper that spit in Hip hop, Hipco, Trapco and his vernacular.

Imagine someone who left his country at the age of nine (9), but speaks his dialect fluently, isn’t that astonishing? Wow! Although Trapco rapper hasn’t spend long time in the game as compared to the other names mentioned, but he has played a significant role in making our genres recognize. From the way he came in the game and became known, It gets you wondering if he passes through the difficulties most upcoming are faced with.

After Bucky’s deportation, his name became to ring more than ever before. I don’t know why, but that’s when his fan-base increases. He became to drop hitz consistently. When Bucky Raw released his “CS2″ album which became one of the best in Liberia and the world at large as it took spot number one on iTunes, and It also peaked at number 10 on the Billboard World Albums chart.

Since then, Bucky Raw been killing shows and became another expensive rapper in the country. His presence is needed on every show nowadays in order for it to be grander.

Other things you may also want to know about him is that: He was recently featured by M.I on a song called ” The Commandment “, his F*** you challenge was recognized by Kiss Daniel, he turned down Kiss Daniel request to have him and Christoph on a song. Lastly, of all the Liberian artistes that were invited for Davido’s concert back in 2017, Bucky Raw’s performance was the best to the fans and got the stadium outside down.

Finally, others might not agree with me because I don’t mention their favorite artist name. Here is the thing, this article is base on reality and not special interest. So, in sequence, Takun J started to murdered show back to back by overshadowing people like Mighty Blow, Real Nigger, Lucky Bucky and others. After a while of doing that, Soulfresh came in the picture and got the fans’ attention by ripping every other shows.

At this point, Takun J morale was going down as Soulfresh was taking his (Takun) spot of killing shows. However, Takun was and still highly respected in the game. Going forward, Christoph hit the scene with different flavor of Hipco, put the game on his head, and made rappers know that he’s not someone to mess with. Next, it was the Trapco godfather himself, Bucky Raw. Bucky Raw came, saw and conquer the rap game. The Trapco Rapper contribution has been gigantic than some musicians who have spent over ten years in the game.

However, the above names mentioned are some of the greatest contributors of the music industry.

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