Prince Kpan

Prince Kpan

Prince Kpan, also know as Pitty D’Best, is a Liberian musician basing in the United States of America. Pitty D’Best has been in the music game for a long time and produced lot of hits that Liberians vibe to. During his prime back in Liberia, the artist was one of the top and trending artist in the country, and his presence was a heavy weight on every shows. Pitty D’Best style of music is astonishing, extraordinary and pleasing to the ears of  Liberians.

The zestful afropop artist has been out of Liberia for a very long time trying to make life easy and frightening to make our style of music familiar to the world. His impact and contribution to the game have yield recognition to our genre both in and out of Liberia. Liberian music being heard in other countries is not only because of our top artists nowadays, but also the industrious work done by our MCM and other great guys like Benevee, D12, David Mell, and etcetera. These guys cut their night short just to get Liberia style of music to the world. Can we say Pitty D’Best was over shadowing Eric Geso? Yes, I think so! Because, Pitty D’Best left for America before Eric Geso became known, and Ericgeso copy and modify Pitty D’Best style of singing and make it look more enjoyable to Liberians. Basically, they are almost doing the same style of music. Pitty D’Best came with his own style without imitating anyone and it was accepted by Liberians.

Pitty D'Best

Pitty D’Best

Presently, our MCM is part of “No freaking bad day” in the United States of America teaming up with Gray Cute and other versatile Liberian rap gurus. Pitty D’Best made his way to the top after he released Trouble, Scatter my head, Follow me, Gorgor, and many more. These songs played in every entertainment centers and in Liberian communities every parts of the world.  Back then, if these songs didn’t play on shows or party, then that event haven’t yet started. These are the songs the Afro pop artist used to rig every shows with. Before going to the United States of America, when Pitty D’Best hits the stage, just know that the event he’s performing on is about to end.  So, he was always one of the last to perform.

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The energetic afropop artist was basing Old Road and had his city on head. He was well recognize and one of the most valuable artists back then. It was because of music Pitty D’Best went to the States and became successful. That tells you his coming into the music game was not pleasantry, but to give Liberians what they want.

Howbeit, Pitty D’Best has been nominated for many awards and was the Afro pop winner of the 2014 Liberian entertainment award. He has worked with top Liberian artists like Daddi Rich, D12, Gray Cute, Eric Geso and many more. Pitty D’Best, Continue to give us more hits and keep making your country proud.

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