What are artistes turning in to nowadays? Most of them are making promises but not fulfilling it due to reasons best known themselves maybe they don’t know, but that’s how trust and credibility fades away, and the fans might not take those in the habit of doing that seriously. If they made a promise of releasing a song but did not do so, they believe that they owe their followers or fans no explanation. Your fans made you to be who you are, so you owe them all the respect they desire. As an artiste, you have the right to regularly update your followers about your songs. If you promise to drop a song but didn’t work out as you plan, go back to your fans or followers and explain why the song wasn’t released. That shows that you value them.

Last year November, Jaredo released the official cover of “Angel Pepper“. Jaredo decided to do such song after he got dissed by Barsee Mocopala on “Ur Woman” in which he(Barsee) featured Angel Michael. Barsee came about with the diss song after he and Jaredo started to throw shades at each other on social media for a girl who is believed to have been dating the two of them. Imagine! This story was one of the hottest story carried out by bloggers across the country. Barsee couldn’t just express himself on social media, so he decided to hit the studio and bring out something hot for the Afropop artiste.

After Barsee released the diss song, Jaredo posted the cover of “Angel Pepper” which was supposed to be a reply to Barsee‘s diss song, but it didn’t materialize. Jaredo was sure of releasing the song; as you could see, he literally posted about it every time. Followers couldn’t wait for the release date. Everyone was anxious and really thirsty for Jaredo‘s reply. However, Jaredo lied by not releasing the most anticipated diss song (Angel Pepper) which was a huge disappointment to his fans. There must be a reason for which the song didn’t drop, let’s look at few:

1. His diss song couldn’t match Barsee’s

Artists going into a beef simply means they want to show to the public who is lyrically strong. If you are dissed and you want to reply, your reply should be of real hot bars to be compared to or better than the song you’re dissed in. Going with a weaker response may probably make your opponent overshadow you in the industry, and your fans may not be able to even defend you when they are arguing because they have been downhearted. To avoid that, maybe it’s the reason Jaredo put an halt to it.

2. Beef Plays An Insignificant Role In Branding TheArtiste

Artiste’s brand is something essential that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your popularity as a musician depends on how well you brand yourself and present your work to your fans. Some believe that the industry is struggling, so artists should work together instead of beefing each other which has the propensity of damaging the industry. Don’t you think Jaredo was smart enough to put stop to it because of this reason? If so, why did he think of doing it in the first place?

3. King Jaffa’s intervention

Managers play a strategic role in an artist life. Manager is there to lead you in the way that you can benefit from your work. If manager accept such and anything sparks up, he will be the one to take the blame. Fans will have him interrogated because they expect him to know better. So, in order to play his role diligently, he might be the one that advised his artiste not to do so. But, was he in the know of Jaredo posting the official cover of the unreleased song? If so, what was he thinking on? If not, then it shows that Jaredo doesn’t seek permission from his boss to act.

To end this, if you are not willing to release a particular song as an artiste, don’t give your followers the hope of releasing it. If an announcement is made by you that your song is dropping soon, why should you keep your followers waiting for more than five or six months? Yet, you are feeling too big to justify the hold on of song to common followers as you may think. Sad!

Let’s have your say on this, tell us what do you think is the cause of “Angel Pepper” being withheld.



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