Currently, there are so many artistes making head waves and taking upon their precious time to make our struggling industry a better one. Following the game game closely, you will notice that the forwardness of the industry is the contribution of both the top and upcoming artistes. Many of the young artistes these days are speedily breaking musical barriers by the uniqueness of their voice and style of music. Hitting the studio is not just it, but the characteristics you posses to help you succeed in getting the public’s attention. Today, let’s look at this fast rising and fulgent Liberian artist, Hipco Volume.

Volume, also known as the Hipco Volume, is a versatile Hipco, RnB, Afrobeat/Afropop and a Dancehall singer who is currently repping Logan Town(LT CITY). Volume was smart enough to quickly discover such talent in him; to be honest, the Afropop artiste tone is priceless, and he’s definitely an example of a good musician. Despite of all the favoritism, not a Dj, blogger or promoter can think of sleeping on his game. The artiste is a pure talent who has spent approximately three years in the music industry, but his contributions appear as if he has spent over ten years in the game. For those that have listened to his songs will know exactly what I’m talking about.Volume is one of the upcoming artistes with so many downloads on his songs, People are not rushing for his songs because he’s handsome, but how well he has proven himself in the songs he has released so far.

However, Volume has built an impressive CV since he signed to More Kash Records headed by Dj Gabe. The Afropop artiste is the team’s treasurer that they can’t afford to lose now or even later. An Insider has revealed to us that More Kash Records is now prepared to have the vocalist well branded in order to achieve his goals. The team is not ready to allow such talent go down the drain, so they are about to do everything in their weak way till he(Volume) hits the top. Frankly speaking, the multitalented young artiste understands the music game, and he mostly have me wondering as to whether he was schooled for it.

In addition, Volume along with model Pat De Queen an award winner and fashion designer Patmol Cole were spotted on set for the past three weekends now. That tells you that the talented vocalist is doing a lot on his camp during this global crisis just for the pleasure of his followers. Regardless of the Pandemic, there are lots of movements on Volume’s camp and confidence is getting higher around him. Volume is tied up these days working on some of his songs video as well as his first major album(Untitled). We have been reliably informed that the prolific producer, Lil Jay, is working closely with Volume to ensure that the album is properly done. The album, which name is still withheld, features top artistes like Flex, Deng, and many more. Because of the Afropop artiste flow, his fanbase has increased rapidly. As he is preparing to drop his album, his fans have become more thirsty for it and can’t wait for the release date.

Furthermore, while performing at the Liberian Koloqua Festival, Volume was able to shared the stage with other A-list artistes such as TeddyRide, Angel Michael, JB The General, and Deng. Since his appearance in the game, he has released some stunning songs including Prayer Session, Shake It, and his hit single “Asatu” featuring Angel Michael. Volume is now ready to drop his first major project in which he will be recognized as one of best talents to come out of Liberia.

Finally, as we await the album, Volume is set to drop his first single off hthe album tagged “Fine Pass Your Pictures”. Wow, this song is something that you don’t want to miss.

Keep following the artiste for more dope Liberian songs!

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