Jonathan Koffa
Jonathan Koffa

Jonathan Koffa (born May 14, 1981), popularly known as Takun J, is a rap genius who helped greatly in getting Hipco where it is today. Takun J’s contribution to Hipco is remarkable and it’s something that Liberians will forever remember him for.  Back then, when people were showing less attention to the game, the Hipco King was always giving it more flavors that the followers will fall in love with. For his efforts, the Hipco giant is love by literally all music followers and respected by all of his counterparts. Many at times, his fellow musicians seek advice from him as to how they should conduct themselves and become famous like him. With all the new skools rappers nowadays, Takun J still murdered show with his old songs; that tells you that the King does song that live on.

Well, if you have been a follower of the game, you will understand that doing the Legend days many people only attended shows because of him (Takun J). The moment he performs, the show has no juice anymore, so event planner always keep him till last minute to time. Top radio DJs wish was to always be the first to introduce the Hipco rap guru new joint on his/her platform before anyone else. Takun J’s schedule now became tight; if he’s not going for an interview, then he’s going to another program because the people believe that his presence there will have it unique and enjoyable.

Many upcoming artistes don’t even care if they are being managed the proper way. They should be able to acquire from the legend as to how he branded himself till he becomes the country’s favorite. Some of them are seeking advice from him, but majority do not care.

Takun J’s songs always come out with meaning. The rapper is also an activist who advocate mainly for women’s rights and most of his music addresses social political issues in the country. For the fact that his songs are being heard by many people and the message in the songs are meaningful, The Liberian Gender Ministry have him as its Anti Rape Ambassador back then.

The Hipco pioneer became a part of a music group called magnetic when he was 17 years of age and within no time released his debut single called “We’ll Spay You”. Since then, the artist released lot of stunning tracks that awarded him the country’s favorite. Takun J released two great album and it include “The Time” which was released in 2007 by having “Police Man” as a lead track in the album, and “My Way” which was released in 2012.

Finally, here are few hits from our MCM: Who Make You Cry, My Way, A song for Hawa, Gbagba is Corruption, Six Jue, They Lie To Us, and many more. From Takun J’s contribution, He is considered the king of Hipco.

We acknowledge your hard work and a big thank you for making Hipco to raise, Takun J!!!



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