STRAIGHT TALK: First time ever for Christoph to released only one song in one year


Since the name Christoph became a prominent name in the music industry, he has always been dropping hit songs back to back. He has always been unflagging amongst many artistes by murdering every other show with a new joint. Christoph has been on top of his game since the release of “Gbana man”, and no one can doubt that.

However, have you noticed that Christoph is going down the drain slowly? You can be a truthful fan and still be real. The realist will admit that the Christoph we knew few years ago is not the Christoph we know presently. Don’t just be mere followers that will exonerate Christoph even if he’s doing nothing competitive or suitable anymore. Instead, be the ones to put fire on his back in order for him to not lost focus. If you are following Christoph closely, you will realize that all the rapper does nowadays is to go live on Facebook and post photos every day. He’s now more than a Facebook celebrity. The rapper doesn’t care if his fans need something new because he (Christoph) already has the mindset that his followers have nothing to offer him but instead listen to free songs from him. So, he has now decided to do things his own way and not to satisfy anyone anymore.

Furthermore, Christoph reluctance became after his “Bonnie Dust” album was underrated by the fans. The album never even had a play song on it before we talk about a hit song. Imagine! Before the album was released, many people were thirsty for it. Listening to it, majority was disappointed and lambasted the rapper. Christoph that we know is still marketing his “Bonnie Dust” album at this time; this tells you that the album didn’t reach the fans expectations. What Christoph is doing now is like forcing a child to eat after that child has realized that the food is tasteless. Now, how do you expect the fans to buy something that is far from meeting their utilities? The album was released on October 22, 2018. Since then, we expected the Hipco giant to have put out some stunning songs to boost his morale once more rather than forcing people to like what they have no interest in.

Since July of last year, Christoph has released just one single dubbed “Salvage Freestyle“, and he has been featured on the rest you have heard his voice on. The rapper care-less to inform the public on the hindrance to his songs because he feels that he has given the followers a lot, yet they have disappointed him by not purchasing his album as compare to the “Cs2” album by Bucky Raw and “1994: The Throne” by CIC.

From the day Christoph was convicted from his resident in Old Road, the rapper starts to behave differently. Do you think the conviction is still playing on his mind? For me, I’ll say no. If you have listened to “Hipco 102” from the rapper he said “I got a big crib, two rooms, but one in renovation”. Was that line there just to have his rhyme in order, or its actuality? If it’s actuality, why did he wait for such a disgrace at his Old Road’s resident? Anyway, maybe he was referring to the same house he was renting in Old Road. At Christoph’s level, I expect him to rap about things that are surrounding him instead of him rapping like an upcoming artiste who only say things because they want to get the public attention.

Finally, do you think that Christoph is already at his last bus stop? Do you think Christoph will still bounce back? Why is the rapper more slothful these days? Christoph has to wait for feature nowadays before being heard? These are questions that others might want to know.

Let’s have you view on this!

WRITTEN BY: Neor Greaves


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