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Quite recently, multiple award winning artiste Christoph and Jackie Russ who is a video and music producer lost their mon. We at Plus Liberia want to extend our deepest sympathy, and we are tremendously saddened for the loss. Losing your mother has the propensity of even breaking you down completely, but we are keeping you guys in prayer. Keep the faith and remain focus, Christoph and Jackie Russ.

Now, let’s get to the point. If you saw what happened at Christoph and Jackie Russ’ mother’s burial, you will feel too ashamed and even condemn our musicians/entertainers as a whole. Of the hundreds of artistes/entertainers residing in Liberia, only a handful of them could attend Christoph and Jackie Russ’ mother’s burial. You couldn’t even see a member from the so-called music union board. Since Christoph and Jackie Russ surfaced in the music game, they have had a good working relationship with majority of the A-Listers. So, where is the loyalty? They only laugh when everything is fine, and then turn their back when one is down? Well, I think that is the case. where was Christoph’s close friend CIC. What important thing was he really doing that stopped his presence at the funeral or even stop him from making a sympathetic post that day? I think if it was Christoph or Jackie’s death (God forbid), then he was going to show that blind loyalty. However, From the look of things, team Bilikon and SOG planned not to go for the burial. Where was people like PCK and L’Frankie, Nuchie Meek, Stunna, and the other guys? The same happened at Comedian Paul Flomo’s father’s burial.

If you have carefully been following our music industry which we always preach on pushing forward, you will understand that most of the entertainers there are full of pretence and jealousy. That is some of the reasons they don’t even have interest in promoting their fellow colleagues’ work even if it’s worth promoting. They have the mindset that if they can’t get there, others shouldn’t reach there. Wow, what a evil way of thinking.

In order to have our music industry on a whole new level, hates should be eliminated. Today, do you think where Nigeria music industry is presently would have been there if they were going to avoid unity? The answer is no. Back then, their legends hold hands and thoroughly work together for the success every artiste are enjoying today. For this article, I’ll continue to make reference to Nigeria and Ghana music industry because they are found right here in West Africa. Why are we finding it so difficult to change our way of thinking? Not an artiste in Liberia can beat their chest and say this is the house I built from music, yet we are not strategizing to achieve that.

Nowadays, the artiste at the very top wish for no other to join them. That’s the reason you see collaborations are only among themselves. In Nigeria and Ghana, the top artistes are busy promoting the upcoming musicians that will take over after them. Davido and Sarkodie are example. But, in our struggling industry, the top artistes prefer throwing shades at the upcoming artistes and making the public to believe that those serious minded  upcoming artistes who are taking upon their time to write good songs are not worth promotion. Who is even prepared to lead the way taking into consideration of their egocentric act?

Most of our top artistes do not even understand the music game at their level, so they do anything at anytime. Instead of coming together to make their industry a better place, they prefer to beef for no money. This is really killing the industry and becoming so embarrassing for others. Few are making major moves, while many are making jokes. People will continue to have the mentality that we are quick to be satisfied because of what we do on a daily basis. Once a musician has that ability to get as many girlfriends as he wants and maybe travel to few countries,  he feels that he’s the most successful man in the world; therefore, he care-less about our cripple and feigned music industry.

Lastly, since we are blasting the entertainers for hatred, we won’t spare the followers because they are more than hypocrites too. With all of the amusements Christoph and Jackie have provided to the followers, not a day those guys came up to ask their fans for financial assistance. They have always managed with what they have. It’s kind of disheartening to see Christoph and Jackie creating a GoFundMe to help with their mom’s funeral, but they couldn’t get fifteen percent (15%) of the targeted amount. When are we waiting for to support our entertainers? As a fan, what’s your contribution to these guys tireless efforts in entertaining us? Or, you feel pleased being just a mere follower? To be frank, we have a lot to do. These guys are not even getting much as compare to other international artistes, but they continue to entertain us. Then, when they are in need, we fail to help them. What’s the encouragement for those guys? We are killing their dream.

United we stand, divided we fall!


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