Who is ​Shooto​?​ What is your Story? ​Explain about your childhood, upbringing, your full name and where you were born?

Daniel Jaden McGee alias(Shooto) Born on August,7,2000 in the ELWA Hospital. He grew up in Duport Road with his family and started his primary education at the St. Kizito Catholic High School and Later moved to the Phil A . Nettleton where he obtained his high school diploma. He’s now a sophomore student at the African Bible College University (ABCU) where he’s majoring in Mass Communication.

Who Inspired You? ​Your Starting Point/When did you know music was for you or who
helped you to do music?

I Started doing music in 2016 and I was inspired by Stunna, J Slught and Jaredo later that year I did my first track called “Hold You Down” later that year I met  my Manager Joy Warner who i worked with from that time until now.

What is Your Genre of Music ​ex. rap, hop co, afro pop, pop etc
Afro Pop and Rap

What Sets You Apart from Other Musician?

Generally it’s my flow and relaxation on the track

If ​Shooto​ was known for one thing, what is that one thing?

My Lyrics and delivery

As a ​male​ Liberian Musician as a whole, What are the good, bad and

(Explain About Your Ups and Downs and what your industry expectation.

Do you have competition?

No I don’t think so

Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

Stunna, J Slught and Jaredo

Big Brother, Big Sister or any other artists who you aspire to be like?

Which artist do you want to work with (Liberian)

Stunna, Deng, Cralor Boi, J Slught and Jaredo

As an artist, where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? What do you want to

I wanna be at my peak as one of the best artist in Liberia, Africa and the World

If we were looking for ​YOUR NAME HERE,​ where can we find you?
You can find me as SHOOTO on the internet

Where Can we BUY Your Music? (​iTunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Youtube​)

(Social Media, Website) Social Media Handle: FACEBOOK.COM/… , Twitter.com/… , youtube.com/… Facebook and Instagram as Official_Shooto

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