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We spotlight Shamma De-Kallon also known as Shamma,  a self-taught Liberian visual artist who works exclusively with her pencils. Read more about the inspirations behind her work below, and check out some of her stunning images underneath. Be sure to keep up with the artist on Instagram and Facebook

Can You Briefly Introduce Yourself And Tell Us What You Do?

Shamma: I am Shamma De-Kallon, a 21 years old junior student studying Architecture Engineering at Stella Maris Polytechnic University. I find peace and passion in drawing and dancing.

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, I made stories & coloring books during my spare time. I’m a self-taught pencil artist who’s aiming for the best but sadly Liberia doesn’t have much to offer in order to boost artists career.

Describe your background as an artist briefly and what led to you creating art.

Shamma: I draw to inspire other artists , to amaze viewers and give my muse so many reasons to smile. Art requires patience and a lot of time. Being able to spend more time on a piece of work determines the result you get.

What Are The Central Theme Of Your Work?

Shamma: I started off with light sketches because I was afraid to shade. I thought I couldn’t do it but when I made some attempts, I realized that it brings the work to life and it brings me so much joy.

What Would You Describe As Your Best Work Thus Far?

Shamma: My best work so far would be the drawings I did on canvas, where I drew a couple and a lady. Spending more time on a work while getting the right details and shading hypes me up.

How Has The Current Pandemic Affected You As A Creator?

Shamma: The pandemic put a pause to so many things, it created a whole lot of setbacks but I’m grateful to be alive.

How Would You Describe Yourself As An Artist?

Shamma: As an artist, I’d describe myself as someone who’s very determined, willing to accept criticisms, willing to work with other artists and  passionate about what I do but yet reluctant.

FACEBOOK: My Arts-Shamp

INSTAGRAM: sham_shammo

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