Debbie Dackie is a 20-year-old girl who loves to Sing, dance, sketch and watch movies. She was born in Liberia and in a family of 6 presently doing science in the University Of Liberia. Her mom as played a major role in influencing her positively in everything that she does though she admires her grand mom a whole lot because grandma has always been there for her even when she’s being stubborn and do not want to listen to grandma, her greatest fear in life is losing her grandma and her greatest hope is accomplishing her goals in life. As a teenager she looked up to her dad. Debbie’s definition of happiness in her words: “Being at peace with people around me and having lots of money”. She’s more of an introvert than an extrovert. Debbie prefers to be indoors dancing, sketching, or singing.

At the age of 16 Debbie fell in love with Cats Due to her love for cats and animals she sometimes helps her stepmom in the veterinary clinic when she’s performing surgery on animals. When asked what her most embarrassing moment was she recalled a  scenario of something really remarkable but funny that happened to her when she was in the 5th grade: “When I was in 5th grade I went to school on Sunday evening in uniform only because I slept that afternoon and thought I woke up the next day and was preparing for school which I did and went to school fully dressed in my uniform and greeted everyone on my way to school, I didn’t notice until I got on campus after making a fool of myself on the street” lol Remarkable indeed right?

In her spare time she loves to read novels and watch movies on Netflix.

When asked where she sees herself in the next 5 years she said she sees herself graduating from university with a BSC and going to medical school.

Debbie is an housemate of the African Megastar Reality Tv Show competition which will be held in Ghana next month October 2020 with candidates from other African countries. After so many screenings and auditions she met every criteria of representing Liberia internationally. She’s a young, intelligent, outspoken, eloquent and vibrant Liberian whose purpose is to project Liberia and its culture on the international platform. She’s hoping to show people out there that Liberia has a culture and Liberia shouldn’t only be known for war. Debbie stated that when she gets to the house she will project all the good things that Liberia got especially down to the diverse culture, food, music and most especially the fact that Liberia is a very peaceful and encourage people to Visit Liberia.


She needs everyone’s support to carry her all through her time in the house.

You Can Follow Her On Instagram: @debbie_deckie


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