Full name: James O. Frank Jr
Stage name: His Majesty
Nationality: Liberian
Religion: Christianity
Career: Singer, Rapper, Song writer
Label: Utopian Dream Entertainment

Born James O. Frank Jr., His Majesty is a professional young Liberia man that has engulfed himself with the Liberian Entertainment. He’s an actor that has starred in one of Liberia’s finest block buster movies “Fury of An Army Girl”, a comedian that is represented as Ma Hawa and Ma Hawa son at the same time, a TV reality star that participated in Big Brabee Liberia, Liberia’s first ever TV reality show.

His Majesty made it known that he has always had the love for music from the time he was coming up. Grew up in the church, singing in the kiddies and junior choir, his love for music has developed and has never stopped.

His Majesty also revealed that he has been around music since Neighborhood All Star, PureSkills Entertainment, and the entire Lib Records Family. He said he used to slide with most of the squad back in the days as an underground rapper.

Coming up internationally he used to be a huge fan of 50 Cents and could literally rap almost all the songs from 50’s Get Rich or Die Trying Album. He also became a lover of Lil Wayne’s music.
Locally he has always loved Scientific, a Liberia musician based in Ghana. He says for him Scientific has always and is still the best Liberian Hip-hop Rapper of all time; and with MC Caro being the best female rapper of all time. Paying respects to the legends of Liberian Music, he acknowledge Deng, Kizzy W, Cralor Boy CIC, Stunna, J-Slught, CJay, Teddyride, MC Caro, Kobazzie, Christoph, Bucky Raw, BrownSkin, Ja Redo, LDrez, Sammie Caine, Da Vero, Pillz, Faithvonic, Kpanto, PCK & L’Frankie, and many others as our present Liberian based legends. With many other great diaspora Liberian musicians including his boss King Solo that are doing tremendously well in making good musics to make better the Liberian Music Industry.

He further stated that music plays a very pivotal role in our existence as humans. Clearly stating that every good musician makes music based on two major pillows; 1. Their inner feelings or desires and experience, 2. Real life issues. Reason why he chose to do real life music.

His Majesty is currently with Utopian Dream Entertainment. An entertainment company founded by a group of young Liberian musicians based in the United States of Liberia, headed by the popular King Solo.

The TV Reality Star has been working for about a year now on some projects, of which he and his management have decided to start dropping next Friday, September 24, 2021.

Being Utopian Dream Entertainment focus artist and also the Administrative Director of Utopian Dream Entertainment – Liberia, His Majesty is set to drop his first Single tagged “Je Approachay”. A song he said speaks about Liberian guys that always approaching any girl they see.

After Je Approachay, His Majesty is set to drop other banging tracks including some hot freestyles and other featured songs.

The actor, TV Reality Star is set to be the next sensation.
Liberian music to the world.

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