There are various ways to measure growth but the most common way for Entertainers is in the quality and productivity of their projects. E.fixed relocated to Nigeria sometime this year in search of greener pasture and in no time he has quickly adjusted to the lifestyle there as he keeps impressing with a lot of good news coming from his camp. The best news from E.Fixed so far is the “Extra Sound” EP, Have you listened to this supercool work of art? If yes, what’s your opinion? And if you have not listened, then what are you waiting for?

It’s a solid fact to say that nothing can go wrong when award winning producer Dukeblac engineers all the songs on your EP. “Extra Sound” has six unbeatable jams: Shawty, Spec, Body, Africa, Wooh and mistakes. Let’s take a look into the vibes and content of these songs.
Shawty: This is a self explanatory jam which centralizes on a beautiful woman, but as the first song on the EP it brought more of an 80’s sound mixed with modern elements and E. Fixed delivery melted perfectly into the concept of the song.
Spec: “Body to Body let’s do the devil dance” E.fixed on this track went deep to show us is lyrical strength as he did justice to a properly cooked beat made by no one else but Dukeblac.
Body: This banger has a very catchy hook that introduced the song and came in at necessary points. Body has a club vibe and you can’t refuse to dance the moment the DJ puts it on.
Africa: This is a song composed by E.Fixed to spark up a revolutionary change in the continent of Africa. E.fixed reflects on all the disastrous things, corruption and how people can live a better life in Africa.
Wooh: This jam started with a layback flow then switched into a dancehall influenced sound. Wooh is a party Jam that you would love to be on repeat.

The Last song on the “Extra Sound” EP is called Mistakes and it’s the first song that was released to the public. E.Fixed featured grammy award winning Superstar Lil Eddie. This song is built up around the emotions of a failed relationship. This is the only collaboration on the EP and without no doubt, it is worth listening to. E.Fixed gave us a power-packed Extended Play, we should be expecting greater projects and nothing less than this in the nearest future

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