It was a night where Stunna won Afro Pop artist of the year, What better sign could MLMA have shown to tell us that we are about to have a ridiculous ceremony for them to boldly award Stunna over Kpanto or Jzyno? Because you don’t need to be Albert Einstein to calculate that Stunna didn’t do much musically to deserve such glorious night. Or Stunna’s relationship with Benita Urey is all it takes now to win an award sponsored by a company partially owned by her father? Anyways, we might be jumping the gun, maybe Benita didn’t let love climb into her head in this matter, Our answer might just be found in Lyee Bility’s comment towards how Roland won Video director of the year over Jackie Russ who was the people’s favorite, Lyee without fear insinuated that Rowland bought that award and clearly stated that who knows Roland? In between, did Stunna buy that award too?


When Lyee said, Who knows Rowland? It didn’t sound like Lyee Bility was trying to rubbish him as a nobody, he was simply trying to point out the fact that what Catalogue does Rowland have to win an award over Jackie Russ who has obviously worked tirelessly to build a niche for himself that no other Videographer in Liberia can boast of. If MLMA is trying to say that Roland only won Video director of the year because he shot one or two videos for McCaro, the bone of contention would be, are those projects he did for her topnotch to the extent of putting him above Jackie Russ and the rest? Corruption is eating up the Entertainment industry in Liberia, all because of I know you and you know me and no one else should be valued because of that even if the person is worth it.

The highpoint of the MLMA Awards night was because Christoph the change graced the stage to perform. Without that performance the event would have been a caricature of the hype they created for it, if the video director of the year was given to Roland out of the sentiment that McCaro’s manager can’t be ignored because she’s the biggest female artist as we speak, if it’s based on sentiment and uplifting artists then Jackie should have won because the genius of Christoph and the electrifying performance they saw that night has everything to do with where Jackie Russ picked his little brother from and how he polished him into the rap legend that he is today. Or should we talk about Jackie’s impact on McCaro too or countless celebrities out there? Let the truth be told, the people’s winner would always be Jackie Russ, A man of the people is a man of relevance and integrity.

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