Has America helped out Pitty D Best’s Music Career or Destroyed it?

Due to the economic hardship in the country, no one wants to stay here. People, including our celebrities, will, by all means, try to leave the country once they have that opportunity to leave. And, they will go without thinking about coming back any time soon till they have legal documents that can guarantee their easy entry and exit in whatever country they will stay in.
A few years ago, Pitty D’Best and other Liberian artists left Liberia in the name of attending the Liberia Music Award. After the award show, those guys escaped in search of a better life without thinking about the consequences their actions would pose on other Liberian artists that will want to travel to the US for either visit or to have a concept. Since Pitty and the other guys escape, it has become difficult to grant Liberian artists visas because the American embassy doesn’t want that to be repeated. In today’s article, we will be looking at Pitty D’Best’s musical life before and after going to the US.
Before going to America, Pity was considered a “Hits Master”. The guy put the Old Road community on fire and conquered the whole music industry. The name “Pitty” rang in every corner here in Liberia. For that reason, he couldn’t be slept on. He got a whole lot of award nominations and also won many awards as well. His presence was literally on every show because event planners knew what his presence on shows would bring. Pitty’s stage performance was one hundred percent with his dope songs. As a music lover back then, the moment you hear “It’s Pitty D’Best aay”, you became to get in your musical feelings as the food of the soul is about to get well served.
Some years back, Pitty made a lot of songs that played for a longer period. Now, let’s look at some of the songs he did before going to America. Those songs include Trouble, Follow Me, Scatter My Head, “Be My Jue” featuring Shadow Man, Win My Love, NorGor GorGor, and many more. I don’t need to say much about those songs because many Liberians can still relate to them. If you just started liking Liberian music, take your time and download those songs. You won’t regret listening to them.
Going to America and staying there is not all, but how long you will take to obtain your Green Card? As long you are not legally based in America, things become difficult for you, and you start to lose focus. Pitty D’Best escaped with the thought of getting a Green Card sooner so he would be able to come to Liberia at any time but it didn’t go well for him. After he lost focus, he was unable to take his time to write songs that will set the country on fire. For the fact that he is not in Liberia, he knows nothing about what the fans would like to hear.
In Liberia nowadays, many artists are doing songs that the fans can easily vibe to. They are using frequently used slang in their music. On the contrary, Pitty is not basing in Liberia now so he won’t know what to bring to the public. Statistically proven, none of Pitty D’Best’s songs made in the US has ever played as compared to the ones he made when he was in Liberia. Let’s go for some of the songs he has made in the US. They include Wine For Me, Stupid, Dry Face, and his newest single tagged “Wedding Day. Can you relate to those songs?
To quickly conclude, we are not saying that those songs made in the US do not worth listening to, but has it played as compared to the ones made here? Pitty was LEA afro pop winner in 2014. That was because of the songs he did in Liberia. Now, the songs that he has made in the US capable of making him a winner of any award?
Has America helped out Pitty D Best’s music career or destroyed it?
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