Is the Late Zanaib Fawaz Related to the owner of the Fawaz Building Materials and General Good store?

Fawaz Building

For the fact that the Fawaz Building Material Store and the Late Ms. Zainab Fawaz have the Fawaz name, citizens have been put in a state of dilemma as to whether. Ms. Zainab Fawaz and the owner of the Fawaz Building Materials Store are related. Many believe that she is the daughter of the owner of the Fawaz building materials store; therefore, the late Princes Cooper, the girl whose lifeless body was found in the compound in which the store is situated, is on revenge. Some people are saying it’s not a coincidence for Ms. Zainab Fawaz to die the same day Princess Cooper was laid to rest but revenge by Ms. Cooper. On the other hand, some are saying that Ms. Zainab Fawaz has no link or relationship with the owner of the Fawaz Building Material store but only has the same last name which is normal. Well, let me take you to the facts.

Note that, Unlike other blogs that only post for likes and comments, anything you see us post here means that we have gotten our facts together before posting. That’s why we do not rush to break news.

The late Zainab

Ms. Zainab Fawaz was a student of Stella Maris Polytechnic University and also the Brand influencer of Club Beer. Ms. Zainab Fawaz is from Beirut which is the capital and the largest city of Lebanon. From my research conducted, Ms. Fawaz had no link with the owner of the Fawaz Building Materials store. According to my source, the owner of the store is also from Lebanon. However, the name of the store is not even the last name of the owner. “Fawaz” was just a name that the owner liked and decided to name his store after.

Ms. Fawaz is the daughter of Mr. Adnan Fawaz. He has no link and doesn’t even know the owner of Fawaz Building material store. Her brother is Abass Fawaz who also share a post posted by another blog and his caption was: “Yall need to stop this fake news on the Internet”. When contacted the Fawaz store, they said a lot of their patriotic customers went to sympathize with them but they made them understand that late Zainab Fawaz has no link or relationship with them.

Even though the name “Fawaz” is the last name of many people in Lebanon, yet other people use the name as a nickname or place name. The Lebanese speak Arabic. When translating the name “Fawaz” from Arabic to English, it means “a person who wins”. Well, as you can see, it’s a perfect name to give your shops, stores, or even use as a nickname because the name portrays victory. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the last name of a person. It’s a popular name that people usually use in Lebanon.

The late Princess Cooper

Celebrating the death of Zainab Fawaz only because her last name is the name of the building material store where they found the late Princess Cooper’s lifeless body is inhuman. You don’t have to believe everything you see many blogs posting. We believe that Princess Cooper didn’t get justice, but before celebrating the death of Zainab Fawaz, you should have thought that name doesn’t belong to one set of families. The current owner/manager of Fawaz Building Materials and General Good store is Mustafa Dakrub. So tell me, both last names look the same? No! Next time, let’s get our facts together before celebrating evil.

Rest well, Ms. Zainab Fawaz.

Written by: Neor Neronic Greaves

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