Plus WCW: One of the Most Diligent Female Icon, Benita Urey

Benita Urey

Benita Urey

Liberia is one of the smallest countries in the world with a population of approximately 5 million people, yet Liberia is regarded as a country with so many beautiful ladies. Once they are seen by anyone, it becomes impossible to hide your feelings about expressing how beautiful Liberian girls are. This was one of the reasons that prompted the late Michael Jackson to even do a song for them. He couldn’t deny the fact that Liberian girls are not just beautiful but possess the characteristic of changing one’s life. The song is tagged “Liberian Girl”. Today, we could not crush on any other person other than Ms. Benita Urey. Let’s appreciate her for her support towards the Liberian entertainment industry and underprivileged children as well.

Ever since, Benita Urey has been a major contributing factor to the progress of Liberia entertainment through her Blog, The Liberian Influence. Not being self-centered, Benita Urey cares a lot about promoting Liberian artists both in and out of Liberia because she believes once a particular artist wins, she wins.

Our Today’s crush, Benita Urey, is an influencer and a humanitarian who aims at helping as many less fortunate children as possible. Because of that, she was able to establish The Healing Liberia Foundation in order to provide health services for some Liberians living with rare health conditions/disabilities but unable to treat them. Through her foundation, she can raise funds to restore people’s lives to normality. During the second annual gathering program of the Healing Liberia Foundation, Benita Urey, in her speech, said that they were able to help sixty four patients over the last twelve months. Wow! If it wasn’t for you Ms. Urey, all sixty four of those patients’ life would have been in great danger. Hard work pays. Because of our WCW engagement towards humanity, she won the prestigious Africa Value Awards for giving hope to people who felt they have lost it all due to their illness.

Benita Urey

Benita Urey

Aside from the Healing Liberia Foundation, Benita also runs a modeling agency called “Imodils” to bring people’s dreams of modeling to reality. Moreover, she has been engaged in many developmental activities. She works with a prison focus NGO called the “Kpumah Prison Foundation”. Kpumah Prison Foundation Incorporated is a non for profit prison-based charity that cares about the well-being of inmates and restoring their human dignity. In addition to that, our today’s crush established two other NGOs called “Save Liberia from sea erosion”, and “Mobilizer for change”. Even though Benita has what it takes to support herself, it is not to her taste to see other people suffer; therefore, she’s doing everything in her power to see the majority happy. That prompted the creation of these two NGOs.

Benita Urey is the daughter of a politician and Businessman, Mr. Benoni Urey. Ms. Urey was taken to the United States during the civil war and later returned in 2003. After a while of staying here, her parents sent her to Canada to complete high school. After that, she decided to study law and society at York University, Canada. She could have stayed in Canada or gone to America if she wanted, but she founds it necessary to come home to help her country develop human capacity.

To conclude, Benita is the kind of character every parent would be proud of. More to that, Liberia is blessed to have such a kind soul. She’s not egocentric. She’s always sad once many are not happy. She strives to always put a smile on people’s faces. Thank you, Benita. Continue the good work.

Written by: Neor Neronic Greaves

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