THROWBACK THURSDAY: Who made you fall in love with Hipco? Takun J, Mighty Blow, or Lucky Bucky?

There are some rappers we won’t forget in the music industry, especially the ones that made us fall in love with the Hipco Genre. Back then, event planners believe that shows won’t have a huge turnout when the likes of Takun J, Mighty Blow, and Lucky Bucky are not present. Those three guys gave us back-to-back hits every time. They all were Hipco rappers but their flow was different and entertaining to the fans. In today’s article, we will give you a review of Takun J, Mighty Blow, and Lucky hits.

Takun J

Takun J:
Jonathan Koffa, commonly known as Takun J, started his musical journey in 2005 representing Jazzo Entertainment. Like many upcoming artists, Takun J was faced with a lot of difficulties. While growing up, he was known for multiple talents. He played football and participated in a lot of dancing competitions and later decided to focus on music right after he graduated from high school. At age 17, he released his debut single tagged “We’ll Spay You” in 2005. He then released his second single(You Meaning Me) which was a huge hit playing everywhere in the country. Focus begins to get on the young artist.

From his hard work, the fans got impressed and knew he was going to be a legend. Takun released his debut album, The Time, in 2007. The album has a lot of hits including, Policeman, Who Made You Cry, and Six Jue. Takun didn’t stop giving out good sounds. Some of his hottest songs include Shame On Them, My Way, Extra Feeling, They Lie to us, Song for Hawa, It’s not right, and many more. He was also featured on many top songs including “Pot Not Boiling Remix” which was the hottest song in 2013.

Mighty Blow

Mighty Blow:
Might blow came different. A few years back, the moment you hear “who’s that N!gger”, you already know that song is a fire. Mighty Blow had a very huge fanbase and even got the street under his control. During his prime, any artist getting on a song with the Legend needed to be lyrically equipped. Otherwise, no one will love to hear your verse on the song. Some of his hit songs include Strange Food, Old Fire Chunk, Breaking Heart, WWP, Pussy Cat, and many more. No music lover will tell me he/she didn’t know or hear all of the songs listed above. Those songs were played in every corner of the country. Mighty Blow collaborated with other top artists including Deng, Ericgeso, Queen V, and others.

Lucky Bucky

Lucky Bucky:
were we going to get glue to Hipco music without the help of Lucky Bucky? I don’t know what you are thinking now but it was going to be somehow boring not having his presence. Lucky Bucky had one of the sweetest flows ever. He was born to be a Hipco rap star. During his prime, he doesn’t need to write freestyle. Just give him the beat or continuously make a sound with your hand by clapping and he will flow. Matter of fact, he would rap about everything in his surrounding at that moment. The street couldn’t talk about Takun J and Mighty Blow without mentioning the name Lucky Bucky. The superstar is a huge contributor to the Hipco genre. A few of his most talked-about songs include Behold Behold, Moral, you na like me featuring Ma Juah, “Best in the west” featuring Scientific, “Hold Yuh” Remix featuring Sundaygar Dearboy and Cypha D’King, and the list goes on. He was featured on the “Pot Not Boiling” Remix as well and has since collaborated with many top artists including Teddyride who believes his album(King Solomon) wouldn’t have been completed if he doesn’t have the verse of Lucky Bucky on one of his songs(U Able It).

These three are unique in their own way. Hope we can get them on a song for the culture. The fans miss their flow. Is the dream of every Hipco lover to see the three rap gurus on a single together. By the way, Takun J has alerted his fans a few days ago that he’s dropping an album soon.

However, tell us which of them made you fall in love with Hipco.

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Written By: Neor Neronic Greaves

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