Top Four “Failed Happenings” In Liberia’s Entertainment

There are a whole lot of failed happenings that occurred in our entertainment industry over time. This happens in every country’s entertainment/Music industry so it’s not strange. In today’s article, we will be looking at the top four “failed happening” in Liberia’s entertainment.

1. Homeboy Jethro as an Artist:

Homeboy Jethro

Homeboy Jethro

Homeboy Jethro has been in the game for more than a decade now but what puzzles me is that not many people know him. To make the matter worst, he has never produced a single hit song despite growing up with the late Quincy B. with all the requisite resources, he has failed in becoming a contributor to moving the industry forward. Jethro has never struggled for studio time or promotion, yet there is no hit song from the rapper. Many music lovers don’t even know him. If asked random fans on the street now to name at least three of Homeboy Jethro’s music, they will fail massively. You can’t blame them because the artist is not a headliner star. Ask yourself now if you can name at least three songs from the rapper and see how many you will get.

With all the resources available to the rapper, the last time Jethro drop a single was on August 23, 2019. The song is tagged “Karma” and has only been downloaded 163 times on Plusliberia.com. On Audiomack, the song has been played 160 times since 2019. Wow! This guy isn’t an artist. He should try something else. More to that, he can support some upcoming artists with the resources available to him.

2. Jaredo Prince Of Africa Album(POA):

Let’s get this straight, Jaredo is a top star in this industry that no one can doubt. He is the kind of vocalist anyone would need on their songs. The artist is distinct. However, a few years ago, Jaredo promised his fans that he was dropping an album tagged “Prince Of Africa”. Since then, the album is yet to drop. The fans are tired of waiting for the album to the extent no one talks about it anymore.

The first time Jaredo posted about the album was on May 12, 2020. It is nearly three years now and the album can’t be released. Jaredo has postponed the release of the album more than two times since he alerted the fans about the prince of Africa album. He postponed it from may of 2020 to December of that same year. Time to release it, he later push it to February of 2021; he didn’t fulfill his promise as well. The fans’ eagerness has exhausted for the album and now no one cares whether he drops it or not.

3. Master Queen and Karishma’s friendship:

Left (Master Queen), Right (Karishma)

Left (Master Queen), Right (Karishma)

Talking about Bestie, Master Queen and Karishma were the first to define it. The two were so close till they turned sisters. Both of them started going everywhere together and even, at times, wearing the same outfit. The sisters’ goal vibe was burning back then. A few years back, if only you want to get into a problem with Karishma, just make a fuss with Master Queen, and vice versa. Overnight, two best friends turned into enemies. The actual cause of their dispute is still unknown. They have been in their dispute for a couple of years now. A lot of reputable stakeholders of the entertainment industry including Dj Blue try to settle their differences to no avail. However, even though their friendship is dead, their effort to push the music industry remains.

4. Benita Urey and Michelle Doe:

Left (Michelle Doe), Right (Benita Urey)

Left (Michelle Doe), Right (Benita Urey)

Like Master Queen and Karishma, Benita and Michelle were so close till the breeze couldn’t even pass between them. The former best friend did a lot of things together and was even controlling “The Liberian Influence” page together. Out of a sudden, the two started throwing shades at each other on the internet. Michelle Michelle even went to the extent of telling the public that the blog Benita is running was not Benita’s idea. Some of the punchlines they throw at each other are too solid that I don’t even want to mention them here. At least Master Queen and Karishma can see each other at some events, but Michelle says the day she and Benita meet, they will ride(fight).

To conclude, the above are the top four failed happenings in Liberia’s entertainment.

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Written by: Neor Neronic Greaves

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