Caleb Buwah Woanyean alias Spacz (born 15, September 2001) is a Liberian artist, songwriter, and music producer also known as Calanho, Quan, or Ivacano. Graduated from the Bethesda Christian mission school Montserrado, Liberia. Started rapping at the age of 12 in elementary school, and gain regional relevance after the release of his highly anticipated EP titled 'Through the Mirror' consisting of four songs, one featured, one drill, and no deluxe, Produced by Papuzornic. His latest debut that gives him more relevance is called "See the sun again" Produced by Papuzornic. After the release of the single, it was immediately playlisted on the only verified Liberian rap playlist called "LIB RAP" holding the number 1 spot for about a week, hitting 10,000 streams less than that week, and a visualizer that was released previously before the audio. This project got him a little name in the rap game in Liberia.


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