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    V-love, Gray Cute, JHollywood JH, Dollaz Deniro
    V-love, Gray Cute, JHollywood JH, Dollaz Deniro

    While locally based artistes are with every effort working to make Liberian music sounds better, there are many artistes in the diaspora that should be extolled for doing the same. They are helping greatly in popularizing our genre. We should be proud of those guys because they are leaving their busy schedules just to put Liberia on the map musically. Many at times, they’re being ignored, but now their contributions become visible in the way that no one can sleep on those artistes in the diaspora anymore. Today, let’s look at the Top five Liberian artistes in the diaspora who are frightening for the betterment of our culture:

    1. JHollywood JH
    JHollywood JH
    JHollywood JH

    JHollywood JH is a versatile Afropop/Trapco artiste who is eager to make Liberian music sounds better. I respect him for the fact that he believes in his colleagues work. The artist promotes any Liberian songs as long as it is in his possession. The Afropop artiste dream is to see Liberia on another level when it comes to music, whether by him or not. Mostly, the bests are always humble. When listening to JHollywood JH songs, it might probably keep you dancing on your feet from the night to the morning. Sleeping on man like JHollywood simply shows that you mean no good for the industry because he’s a pure talent that every industry wishes to get.

    1. Tito Gee
    Tito Gee
    Tito Gee

    Tito Gee is another rapper who cannot get stock on any beat. Well, he’s a Liberian musician currently residing in the United States of America. Tito Gee versatility enables him to spit high code bars in Hipco, Trapco, Hip hop, and also does it in Afropop. This dude is doing extremely well when it comes to pushing Liberian music forward. His singles are sold in bulk because people believe in the artiste and want to listen to nice music. The rapper debut track (Imported Bride) was one of the best Liberian songs in Philadelphia back in 2003. The song landed him on a top radio station called Power fm in Philadelphia for an interview. Afterward, his debut track became the radio station (Power fm) song of the month. Since then, Tito Gee has been working on his game and about to be more than ever before this 2020.

    1. Dollaz Deniro
    Dollaz Deniro
    Dollaz Deniro

    Dominic J. Barry, also known as Dollaz Deniro, is another Liberian artiste who is basing in the United States of America trying to make the world knows that Liberia has talents. Dollarz is an artist who got the attention of the fans recently because of his swanky life style. The artist believes that he’s the richest Liberian musician currently. With all the bragging, the artist bars are always in tight; he spit out real dragon fire. Actually, I admire people who boast about their talent and still proof that they are not boasting for nothing. Dollaz admirers are many these days. At first, the Hip hop/Trapco artiste engage himself into such a nugatory life by selling drugs which he later believe that it was a wrong turned. He was fast to quit and understand that he has a gift that is pleasurable to Liberians. So, he decided to put all of his time in rap. Dollaz Deniro currently has some stunning track out including Hot5top5 and Badmanshaggi. And, according to his Facebook page, he is working on so many projects that will feature Christoph The Change, Nuchie Meek, and Wizkid from Nigeria.

    1. Gray Cute
    Gray Cute
    Gray Cute

    Gray Cute is a dope Hipco/Trapco hot bars spitter who is currently in the United States of America. Gray Cute has been in the music game for some length of time now. But back in Liberia, he never had the promotion that could make his music reach the fans. So, he felt reluctant about the music game and said the game is based on favoritism. At one point in time, the rapper even try switching to the gospel sector as he started going to church regularly and frequently reading his Bible back in Gardnersville. When he got to America, he decided to put more time to his rap game. Listening to how powerful his lyrics are, you will understand that we have so many talents in Liberia but have not yet been discovered. Gray Cute is a brilliant Liberian artiste who knows exactly how to put his bars together. The Rapper has that kind of flow that every Liberians fall in love with upon listening to him. At times, I wonder how this guy got his lyrics. Few of his dope songs include Ungrateful, Dey Talking, and Again. However, the Hipco/Trapco rapper is in the booth working on some dope tracks that will make a blast.

    1. V-Love

    Finally, V-Love is at spot number one on our list. As you may be aware, V-Love is a Liberian artist base in Canada whose effort in making our genre recognize is matchless. The Afropop artiste believes in doing good music that will pass on from generation to generation. His tone is always well placed on the beat, shout out to his engineer. His creativity is second to none. V-Love music basically focus on the ladies, and is a soul touching one. Just in case you don’t know, V-Love is a complete definition of a musician. His productivity is always in line with what the followers want to hear. As an artist, your farsightedness should be activated. You don’t just do music because you want to be a star; but instead, you do music that people will love vibing to and build your fanbase. If you have not been following this guy, take your time, download his songs, and feel what I have been feeling. V-Love is Liberia’s treasure. He’s someone Liberians will feel please boasting about. V-Love has every characteristics of a musician. Now, get ready for more hits from one of Liberia’s dependables. And, don’t forget to get copy of his trending song tagged “Gimme Sugar“.

    To end this, these are the top five Liberian artistes to watch out for in the diaspora this 2020, no disrespect to the other artistes. But, after careful observation of Liberian artistes in the diaspora, we have come to a conclusion that these five guys will surely be the talk of the Town this year.

    Note: This analysis is based on how well they compose their lyrics, their promotional style, and other essential things they do in making Liberia being recognized musically.

    Your thoughts!


  • Militant – Eat My Marr – [Prod. Randyman]

    Promising star Militant, make his first appearance on Plus Liberia with his first debut single for the new decade tagged Eat My Marr. Produced by Randyman

    Cop below!

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Militant-Eat-Me-Marr-Prod.-Randyman.mp3 – Downloaded 16 times – 5 MB

  • Revoluxon Feat. Kizzy W – Bad – [Prod. Kunta Kunta]

    Off his just released album dubbed High Spirit trap-co rapper Revoluxon teams up with Kizzy W to deliver the first track off his album tagged Bad.

    Produced by Kunta Kunta

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Revoluxon-Feat.-Kizzy-W-Bad-Prod.-Kunta-Kunta.mp3 – Downloaded 1192 times – 6 MB

  • JSB – Osaygee – [Prod. D2 Ney D’Drummerboy]

    Liberian singer and songwriter, JSB dishes out a brand new single entitled, “Osaygee” The single came after his previous released track titled Observe

    Check out Osaygee  below and share your thoughts.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” JSB-Osaygee-Prod.-D2-Ney-DDrummerboy.mp3 – Downloaded 27 times – 5 MB


    Emmanuel Preston Karr
    Emmanuel Preston Karr

    This program is getting interesting by the day as we are bringing whole lot of talents to the public. Our aim is to see Liberia on another path when it comes to music, so we will continue to dig out all the talents that will help in achieving our goal. Our duty is to promote everyone without discrimination. With that, we can assure you that Liberia will rise. This program do not condone wack artist, we go straightly for people who has passion for the game. Underground artistes who are being posted here are already making headlines. Who is our special artiste today? Wow, he’s no one else but Hipco rap guru, Emmanuel Preston Karr.


    Emmanuel Preston Karr, commonly known by his stage name Skyfall the rapper, is a promising Hipco artiste that is energetically working to hit the top spot by giving music lovers more hits. Skyfall is the face of Duazon music currently. Duazon had been a place that hardly produce dope musician, but the rapper is making people to understand that nothing is impossible as long you are born to do it. Skyfall flow is priceless, and I can assure you that this dude will benefit a lot from it. The Hipco rap giant has been on a positive move that is elevating his game gradually. He’s always willing to learn new things, don’t be surprised when he starts killing every other show one day because of his scintillating rap game. Skyfall is prepare for the game, his lyrics can even be compared to most of the top artistes’.

    Emmanuel Preston Karr
    Emmanuel Preston Karr

    In addition, Skyfall got interested in being a musician early 2015. Before then, the artiste has always been a follower of the game. Following the game thoroughly, Skyfall was taking notes on some mistakes made by other artistes which he tends not to repeat. After he got interested, he didn’t just drop song; instead, he frequently practice to catch his flow by engaging himself with street freestyling. Luckily for him, he was able to sign a record deal with an investor and music love called J.B.J. Listening to Skyfall spitting some hot bars, the investor was eager to give the Hipco rap monster a life time contract. Officially, Skyfall released his debut track in 2019, tagged “Al right” featuring Ericgeso and produced by Venny Beatz.

    Furthermore, Skyfall gets his inspiration from daily happenings around him. Wow! No wonder his songs are based on reality. Nowadays, most of the upcoming artistes rap in a fictionally style. Now, I guess you are seeing why Skyfall is exceptional. J.B.J had had no regret in signing this young talent, and believes that he will benefit from Skyfall when the right time reaches. Skyfall is a rapper with such a chronic lyrics that no manager can even afford to lose.

    Finally, Skyfall released his most anticipated EP, tagged “Level One”, and the same year of his debut. The EP features Nuchie Meek, Venny Beatz, and Sylzee. Since then, the rapper has featured other top artistes including Ericgeso, Teddy Ride, and Bucky Raw. Currently, his newest EP tagged “New Moon” will soon be out.

    Keep pushing and producing more hits, Skyfall. A big thanks to JBJ for quickly discovering the talent in you.

  • OG School Shoe Feat. CMB Shak – I Nah Able U – [Prod. Kristori]

    New kid on the block OG School Shoe teams up with house-mate CMB Shak on this brand new single dubbed I Nah Able You.

    The song was produced by Kristori

    Listen below!

    Download “DOWNLOAD” OG-School-Shoe-Feat.-CMB-Shak-I-Nah-Able-U-Prod.-Kristori.mp3 – Downloaded 31 times – 4 MB

  • Yung Fester – Chunk Me Away

    Uber-talented Liberian afro-pop singer, Yung Fester has released a brand new single and it is titled, “Chuck Me Away.”

    The new song Chuck Me Away serve as his official out-put for the new decade and explained how ready the artiste is for this new year.

    Check it out below and share your thoughts.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Yung-Fester-Chunk-Me-Away-Prod.-Mr.-Valemo.mp3 – Downloaded 71 times – 4 MB

  • PCK x L’Frankie – It Enter – [Prod. 2G Beatz]

    Repping Naymo Records, PCK x L’Frankie silence everyone with this brand new single dubbed It Enter. The duo disappear from the music scene for over a months now. Dropping separate singles back to back.
    The streets had it that both of them part ways.
    Not to bored you, Listen to this fire banger from PCK & L’Frankie titled It Enter.
    Produced by young beat killer 2G Beat

    Let us know if their welcome back is a masterpiece in the comment box

    Download “DOWNLOAD” PCK-x-LFrankie-It-Enter-Prod.-2G-Beatz.mp3 – Downloaded 3213 times – 6 MB

  • Owezzy – Gronna Man (Freestyle)

    Bilikon Entertainment young talented bars machine, Owezzy decided to be creative during this COVID-19 period. He came through with some meaningful barz on Gronna Man joint.

    Listen below and rate and young rapper!

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Owezzy-Gronna-Man-Freestyle.mp3 – Downloaded 41 times – 2 MB

  • Chilaco – Desire – [Prod. Barreaiski]

    From the camp of Cash Dallors Entertainment, Chilaco presents his new project titled Desire, produced by Barreaiski.

    Download mp3 below!

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Chilaco-Desire-Prod.-Barreaiski.mp3 – Downloaded 75 times – 4 MB

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