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    Who is ​Shooto​?​ What is your Story? ​Explain about your childhood, upbringing, your full name and where you were born?

    Daniel Jaden McGee alias(Shooto) Born on August,7,2000 in the ELWA Hospital. He grew up in Duport Road with his family and started his primary education at the St. Kizito Catholic High School and Later moved to the Phil A . Nettleton where he obtained his high school diploma. He’s now a sophomore student at the African Bible College University (ABCU) where he’s majoring in Mass Communication.

    Who Inspired You? ​Your Starting Point/When did you know music was for you or who
    helped you to do music?

    I Started doing music in 2016 and I was inspired by Stunna, J Slught and Jaredo later that year I did my first track called “Hold You Down” later that year I met  my Manager Joy Warner who i worked with from that time until now.

    What is Your Genre of Music ​ex. rap, hop co, afro pop, pop etc
    Afro Pop and Rap

    What Sets You Apart from Other Musician?

    Generally it’s my flow and relaxation on the track

    If ​Shooto​ was known for one thing, what is that one thing?

    My Lyrics and delivery

    As a ​male​ Liberian Musician as a whole, What are the good, bad and

    (Explain About Your Ups and Downs and what your industry expectation.

    Do you have competition?

    No I don’t think so

    Who do you look up to in the Music Industry?

    Stunna, J Slught and Jaredo

    Big Brother, Big Sister or any other artists who you aspire to be like?

    Which artist do you want to work with (Liberian)

    Stunna, Deng, Cralor Boi, J Slught and Jaredo

    As an artist, where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? What do you want to

    I wanna be at my peak as one of the best artist in Liberia, Africa and the World

    If we were looking for ​YOUR NAME HERE,​ where can we find you?
    You can find me as SHOOTO on the internet

    Where Can we BUY Your Music? (​iTunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Youtube​)

    (Social Media, Website) Social Media Handle: FACEBOOK.COM/… , Twitter.com/… , youtube.com/… Facebook and Instagram as Official_Shooto


    Our MCM for this week is no other person but the “NO MONEY” crooner Joseph Wesseh, Tah III popularly known as J Slught. He recently released his first single after the release of his debut EP “HOME & BEYOND” which was a massive successful locally and internationally. J Slught is known for his unique style of delivery on a every song he puts out.

    “LORPU” is a combination of highlife, Afro pop and a little bit of RnB. It will get you on your feet dancing in no time.


    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Lorpu-Prod.-J-Slught.mp3 – Downloaded 16028 times – 4 MB

    OUR RATING: 8/10

  • J Slught -Lorpu- [Prod. J Slught]

    After the successful release of his debut EP “HOME & BEYOND“, In May J Slught returns with a new banger tagged “LORPU”. This record is a solo release that prepares us ahead of J Slught’s forthcoming second EP “KING OF THE JUNGLE“.

    This new jam produced by J Slught himself is a blend of Afrobeat, Pop and the African sound. It has the full capacity to take over your playlist. J Slught brought a big vibe into this record and you know whenever the young champ releases a song, its problem!


    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Lorpu-Prod.-J-Slught.mp3 – Downloaded 16028 times – 4 MB




    The Liberian music scene has been able to gain great relevance worldwide. This is expected to get bigger before the end of the year and in the coming year as Liberian artists continue to release hits.

    The year 2020 is a remarkable year for Liberian Music even in the midst of the pandemic and all the negative vibes 2020 came with. The music scene have seen great tracks released by some of Liberia’s known musicians.

    Most songs on this playlist were released in 2020, but we decided to also include some tracks from late 2019, as they were strategically released to gain traction in the coming year. One of such track is MC Caro’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’, which was released shortly before the end of 2019.

    The below songs are not in any particular order and the criteria used in their selection include airplay frequency and number of streams and downloads. 

    No Money By J Slught

    J Slught has proven to be outstanding with his sound and the way he infuses the Afro sound on his songs mixed with the Liberian sound. He released “No Money” as a way of introducing his debut EP “Home&Beyond” which has gained massive recognition both locally and internationally and good numbers on streaming platforms. “NO MONEY” was featured on BBC Africa’s Top10 playlist by DJ Edu.

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    Can’t Get Enough By C Jay Ft. Singah

    C Jay is one of Liberia’s fast growing act. He came on the scene with his first hit song “Boss Chick” and since then he has remained relevant. He teamed up with one Of Nigeria’s up and coming act Singh on this masterpiece tilted “Can’t Get Enough” and since it’s release it has gained good recognition locally on airwaves and clubs.

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    Zombie by Trille ft. DenG

    Trille has been one of the most successful up and coming musician in 2020 with his breakthrough single tagged ‘Zombie’ he teams up with one of Liberia’s finest DenG to dish out this mega hit. Zombie was felt in every corner of Liberia even amidst the Lockdown due to Covid-19. It spread like wide fire to the extent that if u had just a minute to be outdoor u will definitely hear it playing either on a bike or in a shop.

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    Gi Gerk By Muzikal

    Muzikal is one of Liberia’s most promising act, the talented singer released Gi Gerk when his career was in chaos and he had a lot of negativity going around him. The track ‘Gi Gerk’ was a huge boost to him as it set him back on track. ‘Gi Gerk’ plays in every corner in Liberia and since its release it has topped charts. It’s a song u can classify as a national anthem.

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    PrayForMe By TeddyRide

    TeddyRide is an example of Motivation and Determination. The Liberian Hipco artist is very talented and Professional, He does not sugar coat to be notified. His realness and distinct sound has brought his this far. The song is tasteful and suit the mood of the song. Pray For Me has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Since the release of the song it has gained massive airplay on the streets and airwaves.

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    Emergency By Tamba Hali

    ‘Emergency’ is a follow up to Tamba Hali’s first single in 2020 “PAY DAY”. Emergency featured 2 of best Liberian female artistes: Pillz & FaithVonic, they went really hard on their verses like they wouldn’t have any other opportunity to be hesitated on a track with Tamba Hali again. MasterKraft on the other hand gave his best from the beat making process to the mastering process. Tamba Hali keeps giving us back to back jams and that can’t go unnoticed.

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    Kpete By J Slught

    After the release of his EP, the fans were able to single out ‘Kpete’ as one of the best tracks on the EP. ‘Kpete’ has a total Afro best vibe with catchy lyrics that will make u wonder if it’s a Wizkid or Tekno Jam. The hook is catchy, simple beat, simple melody and a great vibe. It gained recognition by one of the leading Instagram blogs from Nigeria @tundeednut blog and was also featured on Apple Music’s hot tracks playlist. 

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    Don’t Ask Me By MC CARO

    MC CARO is an exceptional female Liberian artiste. She has been very consistent and extraordinary since she came in the music scene giving 100% Liberian sound. She’s a force to reckon with. Don’t ask me was released in the late part of last year, October to be precise but the track was released to gain traction in 2020 and we can gladly say that the idea worked so perfectly well because ‘Don’t ask me’ Came fully to limelight in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

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    Chocolate By Nuchie Meek & CIC

    After the success of his “STILL BREATHING” EP, Nuchie Meek teams up with CIC on this beautiful jam tagged CHOCOLATE. The song was recorded in Ghana and the video was also shot in Ghana. Good sound, Good delivery!

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    Medicine By Bucky Raw

    Bucky Raw kept his fans waiting after the release of his single in 2019 but we can proudly say the wait was worth it and he didn’t disappoint. Bucky Raw premiered the song early July and has since gained impressive numbers on streaming services. Bucky Raw has mastered the art of writing catchy songs that fans fall in love with immediately.

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  • EP: Home & Beyond EP by J Slught

    • Free Download J Slught’s Home&Beyond EP| Full Download Home&BeyondEP by J Slught

    • Artist: J Slught
    • Tracks: (10)
    • Release Date: April 24
    • Year: 2020
    • Genre: Afro-Pop
    • Record Label: Beevonne Recordz                

    J Slught Home & Beyond EP Download

  • DannyG -WeakVein- [Prod. J Slught]

    This song was birthed from life challenging situations with individuals and in the society.. It is to reach out to many who feel dismayed and have lost hope in themselves.. Acknowledging God and believing in him as their great Orchestrator.


    Download “DOWNLOAD” DannyG-Weak-Vein-Prod.-J-Slught.mp3 – Downloaded 1376 times – 5 MB





    In present day reality, there is no doubt that song is a universal language that speaks to the soul of mankind.  And this week 6 songs are in every way no exception to that phrase when it comes to listening too.

    One might ask the big question “Why”?

    The ‘Why” are, these songs are filled with lively melodies, catchy lyrics and a lot of humor. These songs express true love, personal life experience and portray how one has been hated and betrayed.

    Filled with inspirations and motivations, it is no secret that these songs are able to cheer up a whole crowd and make everyone want to dance all night.

    Thus, this is the main reason why they are played and should be listen to. The songs are unique, the lyrics are frantic and upbeat nevertheless carry important messages.

    What distinguishes these songs from others is their ability of spreading such important reflections with humor and positivity. Moreover, they could uplift anyone mood up in less than two seconds

    There are more Librarian songs that are as perfect as these ones but it will be only a few lists of songs every week to spice up your days.

    Below is the list of songs with the name of each artist:

    1. Kizzy W- La Force

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Kizzy-W-La-Force-Freestyle.mp3 – Downloaded 5629 times – 4 MB

    2.  CIC Feat. L’Drez-Baby

    Download “DOWNLOAD” CIC-Feat.-LDrez-–-Baby-Prod.-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 8651 times – 4 MB

    3. JB D’ General Feat. Pious – Blind Loyalty

    Download “DOWNLOAD” JB-DGeneral-Feat.-Pious-Blind-Loyalty-Prod.-Kellz-Beat.mp3 – Downloaded 9330 times – 5 MB

    4.  Stunna Feat. Barsee – Her Engine Oil

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Stunna-x-Barsee-Her-Engine-Oil-Prod.-Lil-Jay.mp3 – Downloaded 24944 times – 5 MB

    5. J Slught – Mio Ran

    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Mio-Ran-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 5218 times – 5 MB

    6. Cassimoney – Money

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Cassimoney-Money-Prod.-Stone-Luckshine.mp3 – Downloaded 1619 times – 6 MB

    Have Your Say!!!



    May was indeed a great month, especially listening to all these new Liberian songs. Today, we’re here to give an update on the top six(6) songs in the month of May.

    1. J Slught – Mio Ran

    When you’re just on your lane and not looking for fame or not being in others business, that shows that you are living life on a lowkey. People will still know you for who you are; the real you. “Mio Ran” is a song telling us that when life throws a whole lot at us, we have to prove that we are dream chasers by chasing those dreams of ours. We need to be focus and achieve things. Figuratively, J Slught tells us that life has it’s own way of revealing things.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Mio-Ran-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 5218 times – 5 MB

    2. Tamba Hali Feat. Faithvonic, Pillz & Masterkraft – Emergency

    The song “Emergency” is talking about a girl who makes people line up and sign up. She’s into him just as he is. She wants to take a nice drive and turn up all night during the weekend with her favourite person. She causes emergency, she’s his fantasy and she’s the baddest. On the weekend, they are going to vibe to the energy urgently.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Tamba-Hali-Feat.-Faithvonic-Pillz-Masterkraft-Emergency-Prod.-Masterkraft.mp3 – Downloaded 4855 times – 5 MB

    3. Eric Geso – You For My One

    In this song, EricGeso is saying that the enemies of progress’ plans will definitely fail, because he’s not sharing his lady with anyone. To the extent of him saying, “Stinking looking pekin, la in my kitchen you want visit? This alone should tell you that absolutely no pekin is supposed to enter this kitchen, which refers to this territory in which his girl is being kept. He got her completely locked down for good. Sharing her in this case is not even an option.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Eric-Geso-You-For-My-One.mp3 – Downloaded 1160 times – 4 MB

    4. BrownSkin – My Mind

    There is something about this person that’s making her go insane and she just can’t point out what it is. Yet still, he’s in her head. From the look of things, I can tell that she has falling head over heels in love. We all have experienced this in our love lives one way or the other. At that point, all we do is enjoy the moment while it lasts. It’s really nice, hearing Browskin expressing herself and saying what she feels.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” BrownSkin-My-Mind-Prod.-TusisBeatz.mp3 – Downloaded 1425 times – 4 MB

    5. Dj Magiic Feat. Davy C x OutLawz – Gun Barz

    Gun Barz is about staying courageous and knowing what you want in life. It’s not about being average, but, it’s about going up high and making the sky your limitation, it’s about believing in yourself, it’s about pushing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself. However, an optimistic person he was. Even when people looked down on him, he never gave up on himself. Notwithstanding, he was proud of himself and that’s what matters the most.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Dj-Magiic-Feat.-Davy-C-x-Outlawz-Gun-Barz-Prod.-DJ-Magiic.mp3 – Downloaded 2550 times – 4 MB

    6. Stunna feat Barsee Kiloda–Engine Oil

    Connotatively, engine oil means ones desire to satisfy his/her sexual feelings. Stunna teamed up with his label mate Barsee Mocopala Kiloda to explain how the girl feels about him, and what really she needs. At times, there are some girls that fall in love with a guy but don’t know how to say it out; however, her intention can be expressed through her body language. So, since Stunna is a sharp guy and understands it all, he decided to let her know that he understands what she’s up to. When she needs you, a girl will tempt you by all means to give her what she wants. But it’s kind of funny because Stunna too been eyeing her, so it’s like his dream to literally work on her and change his engine oil has turned into reality.

    On the other hand, Barsee is also in love with the girl that is eyeing him, and they both been missing each other. Since they know what’s up, Barsee is willing to give himself to her to do what ever she wants till she’s satisfied.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Stunna-x-Barsee-Her-Engine-Oil-Prod.-Lil-Jay.mp3 – Downloaded 24944 times – 5 MB

    Fans and friends keep supporting Liberian artists on a daily basis and this is extremely awesome. People showed love and admiration towards these songs, and that’s why we have come to a conclusion that these songs were the top six (6) songs in the month of May.


    Not many artistes in the industry can boast of the talent disposition that SOG Records Artist, Jaredo and Beevonne Recordz frontliner J Slught have.

    These two are arguably  the most talented of the new generation and a feature with any of them will most likely be a bang.

    However, if you could only feature one of these two, who are you picking?
    Tell us in the comment section.
  • J Slught -Mio Ran- [Prod. Duke Blac]

    Beevonne Recordz front liner J Slught is out with his new track titled “Mio Ran” from his debut EP “Home & Beyond“. This song talks about how he is in no competition and he’s just on his lane. Track was produced by ace producer DukeBlac.


    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Mio-Ran-Duke-Blac.mp3 – Downloaded 5218 times – 5 MB



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