What are artistes turning in to nowadays? Most of them are making promises but not fulfilling it due to reasons best known themselves maybe they don’t know, but that’s how trust and credibility fades away, and the fans might not take those in the habit of doing that seriously. If they made a promise of releasing a song but did not do so, they believe that they owe their followers or fans no explanation. Your fans made you to be who you are, so you owe them all the respect they desire. As an artiste, you have the right to regularly update your followers about your songs. If you promise to drop a song but didn’t work out as you plan, go back to your fans or followers and explain why the song wasn’t released. That shows that you value them.

    Last year November, Jaredo released the official cover of “Angel Pepper“. Jaredo decided to do such song after he got dissed by Barsee Mocopala on “Ur Woman” in which he(Barsee) featured Angel Michael. Barsee came about with the diss song after he and Jaredo started to throw shades at each other on social media for a girl who is believed to have been dating the two of them. Imagine! This story was one of the hottest story carried out by bloggers across the country. Barsee couldn’t just express himself on social media, so he decided to hit the studio and bring out something hot for the Afropop artiste.

    After Barsee released the diss song, Jaredo posted the cover of “Angel Pepper” which was supposed to be a reply to Barsee‘s diss song, but it didn’t materialize. Jaredo was sure of releasing the song; as you could see, he literally posted about it every time. Followers couldn’t wait for the release date. Everyone was anxious and really thirsty for Jaredo‘s reply. However, Jaredo lied by not releasing the most anticipated diss song (Angel Pepper) which was a huge disappointment to his fans. There must be a reason for which the song didn’t drop, let’s look at few:

    1. His diss song couldn’t match Barsee’s

    Artists going into a beef simply means they want to show to the public who is lyrically strong. If you are dissed and you want to reply, your reply should be of real hot bars to be compared to or better than the song you’re dissed in. Going with a weaker response may probably make your opponent overshadow you in the industry, and your fans may not be able to even defend you when they are arguing because they have been downhearted. To avoid that, maybe it’s the reason Jaredo put an halt to it.

    2. Beef Plays An Insignificant Role In Branding TheArtiste

    Artiste’s brand is something essential that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your popularity as a musician depends on how well you brand yourself and present your work to your fans. Some believe that the industry is struggling, so artists should work together instead of beefing each other which has the propensity of damaging the industry. Don’t you think Jaredo was smart enough to put stop to it because of this reason? If so, why did he think of doing it in the first place?

    3. King Jaffa’s intervention

    Managers play a strategic role in an artist life. Manager is there to lead you in the way that you can benefit from your work. If manager accept such and anything sparks up, he will be the one to take the blame. Fans will have him interrogated because they expect him to know better. So, in order to play his role diligently, he might be the one that advised his artiste not to do so. But, was he in the know of Jaredo posting the official cover of the unreleased song? If so, what was he thinking on? If not, then it shows that Jaredo doesn’t seek permission from his boss to act.

    To end this, if you are not willing to release a particular song as an artiste, don’t give your followers the hope of releasing it. If an announcement is made by you that your song is dropping soon, why should you keep your followers waiting for more than five or six months? Yet, you are feeling too big to justify the hold on of song to common followers as you may think. Sad!

    Let’s have your say on this, tell us what do you think is the cause of “Angel Pepper” being withheld.



    Not many artistes in the industry can boast of the talent disposition that SOG Records Artist, Jaredo and Beevonne Recordz frontliner J Slught have.

    These two are arguably  the most talented of the new generation and a feature with any of them will most likely be a bang.

    However, if you could only feature one of these two, who are you picking?
    Tell us in the comment section.

    Social media platforms are now being known as places for celebrities to interact with their fans while showing off their lavish lifestyles. Instagram is probably the most popular social media app currently being used. Grain Coast Magazine in collaboration with PlusLiberia brings you a top ten list of the most followed Liberian celebrities on Instagram.

    10. Christoph – 47.7 K

    Christopher Nyenga
    Christopher Nyenga

    One of the favourite rappers from the streets, Christopher Nyenga, alias Christoph The Change (CTC) once dominated the Liberian rap music industry with hit songs, and has recently gained accolades from TunesLiberia Awards and MTN Liberian Music Awards.

    The LT City rap icon should probably be ranked in the top five most followed Liberian celebrities on Instagram if his ex-girlfriend, Benita Urey didn’t delete his previous account after they broke up. By late last year, Christoph had went through some difficult times, but promised his fans to bring more good music to their attention soon enough.

    9. Bucky Raw – 56.4 K

    Karwoudou Cole
    Karwoudou Cole

    Karwoudou Cole, better known by his stage name Bucky Raw, the Liberian rapper is proof that success can still come from downfall, pain, rejection, hardwork, and dedication.

    Upon his deportation from the USA to Liberia, many thought the rapper’s career would have gone down the drain. He has instead accomplished many things being at home than prior to his expulsion from Philadelphia. His second mixtape, ‘Country Soda 2’ peaked at number 10 on the Billboard World Albums chart.

    Apart from capping numerous awards from LEA, MLMA, and Tunes Liberia, Buckay Oppong as he tags himself, has since established himself on the West African music scene. He holds a collaboration song with Ice Prince and Stunna in “Thank You”, and has a featured verse on M.I Abaga’s ”Commandment”.

    8. Kobazzie – 60.1 K

    Korte Dorbor Bazzie
    Korte Dorbor Bazzie

    Born as Korte Dorbor Bazzie, but better known as Kobazzie, the lorma boy has come a long way to succeed in Liberia’s entertainment.

    After taking a solo path once leaving his then label, Bilikon Entertainment, many feared that he wouldn’t have turned out to be successful compared to other hit musicians. Kobazzie has since gone on to thrive in an unexpected fashion. He has released more hit songs, and even had a remix with Davido on “Bounce”. ‘Bounce remixed’ video is accredited to be one of Liberia’s best music videos, and that comes with no doubt as Davido is currently one of Africa’s best and trending artists.

    7. Anothny Snoti Laffor – 70.6 k

    Anothny Snoti Laffor
    Anothny Snoti Laffor

    The only athlete on the list, Snoti is regarded as one of Liberia’s most decorated modern day football player. He plays professionally for the South African club, Mamelodi Sundowns, and primarily features as a winger.

    He is a six-time South African Champions League winner, and has won one South African Cup. The winger also has a CAF Champions League Cup and a CAF Super Cup on his list of trophies.

    Laffor once served as captain for the “Lonestar” national football team, and represented his nation in AFCON and FIFA World Cup qualifiers. At age 35, he is now focused on his club duties.

    6. Master Queen – 96.4 K

    Grace Hawa Weah
    Grace Hawa Weah

    Grace Hawa Weah, better known as Master Queen is a Liberian female pioneer in radio presenting and a talk-show host with a decade plus of experience.

    The diva has established herself in Liberia’s entertainment by promoting Liberian artists when Hot FM was the only station banging Liberian songs.

    Attached to her curriculum vitae, Master Queen is an entrepreneur and actress. In 2016, she launched her vegan nail polish line “Masque”. She also serves as brand ambassador for Royal Grand Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia.

    5. DenG – 98.9 K

    Daniel George
    Daniel George

    Even though Daniel George’s music is not trending as it did few years back, the Afro-Pop artist is known for many hits including: ‘They Vex’, ‘Put Foot’, ‘Kemah’, and ‘Grateful’ amongst others.

    DenG is the first and only Liberian artist to be nominated by MTV Africa Music Awards and is the only Liberian artist with most toured concerts in foreign countries.

    4. C.I.C – 101 K


    Upon releasing his debut song, ‘Bachelor’ with S.O.G Records, Maurice Terziq Gayflor better known as Commander In Chief (C.I.C) has captured fans from in and out of Liberia.

    Under his belt, he has accolades won from Liberia Entertainment Awards (LEA), MTN Liberia Music Awards (MLMA), and TunesLiberia Awards. C.I.C is loved for his many hit songs, so it’s of no suprised he became Lonestar Cell MTN brand ambassador following the death of the late Quincy B.

    3. Eric Geso – 110 K

    Eric Geso
    Eric Geso

    Probably one of Liberia’s most underrated musicians, yet Eric Geso, commonly known as the ‘hard-head boy’ has been known for making hits upon beginning his career. The Afro-Pop / Gbema artist has now gained major recognition from winning multiple awards, and is recently tagged by his fans as ‘Stage Killer’. With that being said, Eric Geso became the first Liberian musician to reach 100 K followers on Instagram.

    2. Frank Artus – 200 K

    Gregory Artus Frank
    Gregory Artus Frank

    Gregory Artus Frank, better known as Frank Artus, is a Liberian actor, director, and producer in the West African film industries. He has starred in over one-hundred movies across Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria.

    Artus has been nominated for many awards, and has many accolades to his name including, Best International Actor award at the African Academy Awards (2012), the Hall of Grace Award (2013), and the Face of Africa Award (2015). Frank Artus is also the president of Liberia Movie Union (LMU).

    1. Deddeh Howard – 204 K

    Deddeh Howard
    Deddeh Howard

    Fashion currently plays a major role in the world right now, so it’s no surprise for the Liberian model, Deddeh Howard to top this list of Liberian celebrities. D.D as she likes to be called, is a model, health science student, and fitness practitioner who currently lives in Los Angeles, USA.

    In 2016, D.D found out that modeling agencies discriminate people of melanin coloration, so she and her photographer boyfriend, Raffael Dickreuter recreated popular photoshoots from various magazines ads featuring white models, thus giving birth to the “Black Mirror”.

    Deddeh gained recognition from making a powerful statement about diversity in fashion from a black model’s perspective, and even had a article published in Elle.com (Elle Magazine). Her story also appeared on BBC World News, and popular American TV Shows, The Real, and ABC Good Morning America. She was also featured in France on M6, Le 1945.

    Outside the top 10 are the following:
    H.E. President George Weah 45.1 K,
    Wokie Dolo – 42.9 K
    Stunna – 41.8 K
    Benita Urey – 41.5 K
    JaRedo – 39.3 K
    Her Royal Highnesses Karishma – 38.5 K

    Written By: Robert Serge Saint-Pé


    It’s really been a good journey for Jaredo who got signed to SOG Records few years back as he’s dropped some good music which have resonated well with the entire music industry.
    The young-talented singer have now decided to up his game and join the list of album creators as he has announced under the guidance of his Label that his debut album would be dropping any time soon. The “Ur Waist” singer took to his social media pages to unveil the album title, release date still pending as well as the fact that the album art in so many ways portrays the true African culture.

    The album titled “PRINCE OF AFRICA” will be his 1st body of work. The young prince took to his Instagram page to share the artwork for his forthcoming project. In the announcement, he wrote: “Son of the Soil #POA #Album”


    We can boastfully say Liberian music industry is on another level, but it wouldn’t have changed if it wasn’t for such a brilliant work done by our producers. Liberian producers are putting in more time than ever before, and their objectives is to make Liberian music well known in other parts of the world. In today’s article, we will look at five producers that will move the industry forward this 2020.

    1. Kellzbeatz

    Alfred Giwueze alias Kellzbeatz is a promising Liberian producer and Singer. Kellzbeatz started to build interest in the music game particularly being a producer over a year ago. We all know to reach to the top is not an easy task; There will be lots of criticisms and bullying, but that doesn’t bother him. Kellzbeatz gave himself ample time to practice in order to fulfill his dream and motivate himself as well. By January 23, 2016, he posted on his Facebook page: “Don’t let anybody kill your dreams by giving you all sorts of criticism. It can only be delayed but it will surely come to pass”. As time goes by, people began to get familiar with his name. As of 2019 to present, He started to produce good songs for so many top artists including TeddyRide’s song titled “Pray for Me”; Deng‘s song titled “Loyalty Chamo”; Jzyno ft TeddyRide, song titled “Kpan kpan me”; Feouls’, song titled “Happy”.

    2. Flexzzbeatz

    Flexzzbeatz is a music producer at DMG Records since March 1, 2010 to present. since his coming into the music game, there have been lots of difficulties, but through his tireless efforts, he has overcome many of them. Flexzzbeatz has contributed to many of the hit songs in the industry since 2019 to present. He has marketed himself in such a way that many artists have gained great respect for him, and really love working with him. Right now he is known as producer of hitz. Flexzzbeatz aslo contributed a lot to Boifatty‘s success in the industry; he produced many of Boifatty‘s hit songs including: Liquor good, Kill Dem, Shut up, In the ragga, and the list goes on. Back in February this year Flexzzbeatz won the TLMA “Producer of the year”. This shows that the producer is on a whole new level. Other great artists the innovative producer have worked includes: PCK & L’Frankie, Muzikal, TeddyRide, Deng, and many more…

    3. Duke Blac

    Harold Teah (born December 1, 1994), commonly known as Duke Blac, is a Liberian music producer. He graduated from St Mary’s Catholic School in 2014, and started focusing on what he has passion for. Duke Blac is the producer and CEO of Groove music Worldwide. The prolific producer’s dream is to be the number one producer in the country, so he’s working in a possible means to get himself there. Duke Blac believes that just producing songs and don’t know all aspect of the production of songs doesn’t really make you a producer, so he decided to go to Nigeria and attended the Tenstrings Music Institute. Duke Blac has contributed immensely to many hit songs in the industry including “Ma Deddeh” by Pascal featuring Christoph, “Weekend” by CIC featuring Iyanya, “911” by Stunna, “Big papa” by CIC, “Quick Quick” by Davero featuring Jaredo, and the list goes on. He also contributed as one of the producers of the most talked about J Slught EP, titled “Home and Beyond”. This tells you that this year is going to be another successful year for the fruitful producer.

    4. Dj Magiic

    Cyrus L. Barbus (born May 25,1995), also known as Dj Magiic is a young Liberian producer who hails from Vonjama, Lofa county. Since his appearance in the music game, he has always been consistent when it comes to producing dope Trapco songs. Dj Magiic is the producer and CEO of his own record “Dj Magiic Dynasty“. Within his team, there are so many Artists including Smithzzy whose EP (Collateral Damage) he (Dj Magiic) produced few months ago. The EP consists of eight songs. For the vast knowledge he has in producing songs, Multi talented Trapco Rapper Barsee Mocopala trusted him to produce his first major project, the Kra Kay 1 album. Dj Magiic is the only producer in Liberia to have produced twenty songs (20) in one album, by one artist (Barsee), and no Feature. The versatile producer has worked with many top Trapco rapper including: Barsee Mocopala, Nasty D, Randy D, and the list goes on. with all of this, you don’t need a seer to tell you that this year will be great for the producer.

    5. T. Ross

    Terrence T. Boimah (November 19, 1996), commonly known by his poduction name T. Ross is a young Liberian producer who started the game since 2017. He is one of the reasons many underground artists are becoming well known. The producer is currently basing in Duazon, Robertfield Highway where many Artists prefer going to for quality music. T. Ross is a member and the producer at Jaco Flo Records. He Has worked with many top producers including Benny Soundz whom he said is his role model, Kizzy W, StoneLuck Shine, and Lil Jay. T. Ross is actually new but his willingness to learn new things is exceptional. Few top musicians that he has worked with includes: AK, Revoluxon, Nuchie Meek.

    Howbeit, the above names mentioned are producers that you need no one to tell you that they have brought and will continue to bring lot of changes in the music industry. Their presence have led to so many hitz that are playing in and out of Liberia. Kudos to you guys and continue to put in more efforts.

    So Guys 👇

    Which Of These Producers Do You Think  Will Give Us More Nice Jamz?

    Drop your comments…


    Cjay - J Slught - CIC - Teddyride - Mr Parbai
    Cjay – J Slught – CIC – Teddyride – Mr Parbai

    From the beginning of April to the end, there have been major happenings within the music industry, but for today we will be discussing the top five songs in April.

    1. C Jay— CAN’T GET ENOUGH:

    Earlier in April, our super star Cjay went to Nigeria on the basis of recording his recent joint titled “Can’t get enough” which he features Singah. Singah is a fast rising Nigerian music artist who came into limelight after his song “Teyamo” became a hit. He is currently signed to Mr P’s P Classic Music Group. Cjay is noted for always dropping love songs for the ladies, and “Can’t get enough” is one of those. In the song, Cjay is saying that the girl captured his heart and spinning his head, and he needs only her in his life anytime and everyday. Anyway, Cjay is basically expressing how he feels about that girl.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” C-Jay-Feat.-Singah-Cant-Get-Enough-Prod.-Sugar.mp3 – Downloaded 8664 times – 6 MB

    2. Jslught– KPETE

    Kpete is one of the songs J Slught dropped earlier from his EP. Since the song dropped, people believe that indeed the EP is a bomb. The way the lyrics is structured and placed on the beat got his followers anxious to get the EP, and people already started to refer to him as LIB Wizkid. As he always does in his song, the artist is showering praises on his lover and making her to know his mind. This song is actually something you will like to hear. If you haven’t gotten a copy of this song, just hit the download button.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” J-Slught-Kpete-Prod.-J-Slught.mp3 – Downloaded 6849 times – 3 MB

    3. CIC, Jaredo & L’drez– HIGH

    SOG frontliners, CIC, Jaredo, and L’drez recently came together and dropped this hot banger titled “High“. The moment the song dropped it started to make airwaves as the download increases on a daily basis. The tune is in a very unique style. “High” is done in a way that anyone can easily vibe to. The lyrics in the song is just easy to catch. Listening to the song, people were also surprised to hear Jaredo doing a little bit of rapping.

    Download “DOWNLOAD -CIC-x-LDrez-Jaredo-High-Prod-Ghost.mp3” CIC-x-LDrez-Jaredo-High-Prod-Ghost.mp3 – Downloaded 7309 times – 5 MB

    4. Teddy Ride– PRAY FOR ME

    For this song, the artist is basically singing of reality; that is, things that happened to him in the past and he is also asking God for things he needs. In so doing, the artist is asking his mom to pray for him. In the song, TeddyRide said “to make money is not easy”, so as he’s fighting to look for money his Mom should keep praying for him until something happens, following some biblical reference in this song, Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”, TeddyRide is now asking God to change his Kala into Salad. If you haven’t listened to this song, then you are missing a lot.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Teddyride-Feat.-DJ-Blue-Pray-For-Me-Prod.-KellzBeatz.mp3 – Downloaded 7226 times – 6 MB

    5. Mr. Parbai– ONLY YOU JESUS

    Since this whole Corona virus pandemic, Mr. Parbai is one of those artists who have contributed a lot to have it eradicated. The artist first dropped his Corona-virus awareness song, and was later spotted sharing some preventive materials to those in need. Now, Mr. Parbai has dropped another song relating to the virus. In the song, he says only GOD can save us from this global pandemic. Mr Parbai is asking God to come to our rescue because our leaders are all confused and don’t know what to do, and he’s also asking God to protect the doctors that are on the Front line.

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Mr.-Parbai-Only-You-Jesus-Prod.-2G.mp3 – Downloaded 1424 times – 5 MB

    To conclusively conclude, all the songs are dope and Worth listening to. From this point, we can tell that Liberian music is going to another level; The artists are now putting in more work than ever before. Shout out to the contributors of the top five songs of April.

    There you have the amazing songs for the month of April.

    So Guys 👇

    Which Of These Songs In April Is Your Favorite?

    Drop your comments…


    PlusLiberia presents top ten hit songs produced by Liberian top notch producer, DukeBlac
    We made a thorough run-down on the catalogue of DukeBlac’s production and shortlist out this 10 wonderful jams.
    DukeBlac is one of the solid rocks behind SwagPro’s rise, as he contributed enormously to many of Pascal‘s hit, Lil T and so on..
    Anytime you hear “DukeBlac Is Bad” that tells you that the song you are about to listen to would be a fun ride.

    Let’s have a run-down;

    1. CIC – Big Papa
    2. TeddyRide Ft. Stunna – Sweet Potato 
    3. Stunna – 911
    4. Pascal Ft. Jaredo – Ebenezer
    5. Pascal Ft. Ericgeso – U Ehn All
    6. TeddyRide – Woman Medicine
    7. Davero x Jaredo – Quick Quick
    8. CIC ft Iyanya – Weekend
    9. TeddyRide Ft. CIC -Sugar Daddy
    10. CIC- Morning

    With this 10 DukeBlac produced songs, I think one thing is certain that he’s a Hitmaker.

    So Guys 👇

    Which DukeBlac Song Do You Think Is Missing On This List?

    Let’s hear from you…

  • CIC x L’Drez & Jaredo -High -[Prod Ghost]

    SOG Empire  for the first time present  CIC , L’Drez & Jaredo on a song  and this song is called “High” definitely you know this going to set us ablaze in few weeks to come . This amazing love song was produced by Ghost, another great producer to watch out for.

    Get yourself a copy of this song and you will never regret it.

    Download “DOWNLOAD -CIC-x-LDrez-Jaredo-High-Prod-Ghost.mp3” CIC-x-LDrez-Jaredo-High-Prod-Ghost.mp3 – Downloaded 7309 times – 5 MB



  • Jaredo Feat. L’Drez – Country Tumba – [Prod. Ghost]

    Jaredo return back with this brand new song tagged Country Tumba. On this one, he displayed a unique trap sound which is actually different from his afro sound. The song features house-mate L’Drez. Produced by Ghost
    Download below and share!

    Download “DOWNLOAD” Jaredo-Feat.-LDrez-Country-Tumba-Prod.-Ghost.mp3 – Downloaded 2477 times – 4 MB

  • VIDEO: Davero Feat. Jaredo L’Drez – Show Me Luv (Official Music Video)

    Davero dropped the visual to her just released output tagged Show Me Luv featuring SOG flag bearer Jeredo & L’Drez

    Peep the visual below!

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